Zee World Weekly Highlights on GOtv/DStv August 22 – 26


Silver Lining 

After much persuasion Sam agrees to stay until after Paris’s adoption. Chetna suffers a heart attack when she finds out about Sam’s involvement in Paris’s adoption plot. Revati is shocked to find out that their property in the USA have been sealed by the bank. Devki and Revati join forces to sell the orphanage. Isha takes responsibility when Arjun’s mother complains about a letter sent to Arjun. Chetna takes Isha to her house to teach Kuhu but Revati has other plans for her.

The Vow

A series of events trigger Sagar’s memory of the accident and who is behind it, but what will he do with the information?   Sagar and Vydia come up with a plan to take control of the power of attorney. Sindoora resorts to a life threatening situation to get Sagar to tell her the truth. Sindoora breaks out and vents out her anger on Sagar not knowing that Sagar had been pretending all along.

Sacred Ties

Archana’s pain gets worse and Manav is forced to take her to the hospital where he finds out thr truth about everything. Dharmesh resorts to blackmailing Vaishali but Vinod sees this and takes action. Savita gets a change of heart as she pawns her jewellery to help out Manav whose life is in danger. Varsha and Satish get the one thing they have wanted in a long time with the help of Manav and Archana. Savita seems to have a change of heart towards Archana as she entrusts her to look after Sachin.

King of Hearts

Siddarth and Roshni’s wedding day finally arrives but looks like not everyone is happy about their union. Sid and Roshni go to DD’s house to get her blessings but are disappointed by her reaction. This further prompts Sid to make an unconventional decision. Sid is arrested for attempted murder and DD agrees to help him but only on certain conditions.Roshni tries her best to make her husband happy and fulfill all the desires of his heart.


Bihari and Dehati find out that Tuntun has been lying to them all along and Bihari goes off to bring Ganga back. Krishi is conflicted as between going to work and staying home for an important ritual. Ganga shouts at Krishi for putting on simple clothes. Chaubhe comes up with a plan to throw Krishi an after wedding party but Tuntun is afraid of people finding out that Krishi is from a poor family. Pintu’s great aunt comes to visit and openly states her disappointment in Krishi as a daughter in law.Krishi

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