Zee World Weekly Highlights on GOtv and DStv, September 19 – 23

Silver Lining 

After rejecting Ira’s proposal Sam tries to make amends with her. Sam finds out the reason why his parents want him to get married. Indrani finds out that Ira and Isha have known each other all along and goes to see Isha. The identity of Revati’s blackmailer is revealed. Sam gets jealous when he sees Isha with another man and realises that he’s in love with her. Ira sees Sam at a jewellery store and assumes he’s getting her engagement ring. Tinu offers Revati an offer she cannot refuse. Sam finally declares his love for Isha and Ira witnesses everything.

Forbidden Love

Veera’s family visit Kushaan’s house and Vivan cannot seem to gather the courage to meet them. Kushaan and Viva find themselves in a life threatening situation and seeing that his brother would sacrifice his life for him, Vivan makes up his mind to help Veera and make sure they get married. The wedding ceremony is underway and Neha finds out that Vivan is in fact Kushaan’s brother but what will she do with this information?

Twist of Fate

It seems as though Abhi and Pragya are drawn to each other as they keep bumping into each other. Rachna’s family doesn’t receive the news they expected in relation to the DNA test, how will they react to this issue? Suresh confesses his love for Pragya to her, could this the beginning of their love story? Akash makes a confession that leaves both his family and in laws stunned. Pragya reveals Abhi’s true colours to the media making Abhi develop resentment towards her. Bulbul and Purab realize that they love each other.

King of Hearts

Sid realises that him pretending to be rich is costing him his wife’s safety and is determined to reveal the truth to her but does he have the courage to do it? Raj finds himself under a lot of pressure at work and cannot keep up with the demands. DD’s attempts to find the person behind the scamming is proving to be difficult and Babloo comes to the rescue but will DD accept help from him? It appears that the person DD trusts is the one stabbing her in the back. DD finally decides to bring Babloo and his wife back to the house which is received well with the family.


Krishi’s family is shocked to find out that she’s been suspended and the identity of the new officer is even more shocking. Pinky misuses her power as the new officer to file various charges against Krishi therefore putting under investigation. Pinky gives orders for Ravi to arrested prompting Pintu and Babloo to meet the DC and discuss the issue. Krishi decides to start a small business together with her family members. Anti- corruption police raid Krishi’s home and find money which Krishi cannot account for, who will come to her rescue? krishi

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