Zapp Mallet: There Is More Money In Commercials Than Music Production

Experienced music producer Zapp Mallet has said that currently recording commercials pay more than music production.

Speaking to Flex Newspaper, Zapp Mallet he said most of the time, what an artiste is willing to pay for a track does not even reach half of what can be made from one commercial, adding that, “I’m therefore making money from commercials, jingles and the likes, than I earn from music production.”

He continued that, currently there is no motivation to produce music.

“Some of us come from a generation where we work for the love of the job, but the motivation changes at a certain stage. I’m still hanging on because I do it for the passion. I wish musicians would pay more. The system is rough for everybody, but I wish it gets better.”

”In the name of hype, lies have become truth. I hope these sound engineers who claim they are making enough money from music production are indeed earning it. With my experience in this industry, I know what’s on the ground in real life. Producers outside are making huge sums of money. Let’s work hard for an industry where everybody earns what is due them’’, Zapp Mallet concluded.Zapp Mallet

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