Zainab O. Sheriff of Big Brother Africa fame revives the Sierra Leonean Movie Industry with John Dumelo and Nollywood Crew

20130603_175642It could be recalled that a decade ago, Ghanaians prefer Nollywwod movies to that of our own. And to eradicate that preference, the CEO of Venus Film blended our industry with the Nigerian crew and actors. Today, Salam’s vision did not only revive our movie industry but also, created a family bond among these two countries.

Having starred in a Nollywood and Ghanaian movie, Zainab O. Sheriff of the Big Brother Stargme fame thought it wise to follow the steps of Abdul Salam Mumuni to revive the movie industry in Sierra Leone. In the quest to get the best, she invited casting crew from London to audition and groom the SL’s wannabes for two months.

Information reaching us today says that her production cameras has being rolling for a week now with Moses Inwang as the director. Respectively, John Dumelo and James Gardiner play the lead and supporting in her first producing movie, titled; Ghetto Queen (working title).

On a phone interview with Zainab, she said: “Sierra Leone has great talents but lacks professionalism. As a model, I was surprise to be told that my acting was a natural and for that moment I felt the actors back home could do much better should there be an investor. I’m not quitting modeling but helping to build a better movie industry in my country. ” She smiles.

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