Yvonne Okoro’s cooking show “Dinning With …” airs on TV3

“Dinning With …” a cooking show by actress Yvonne Okoro will start airing on TV3 Network on Sundays at 5pm.

The programme will feature Ghanaian and Nigerian stars, who would be passing through to try cooking their favourite meals while discussing topical issues.

“An entertaining lighthearted and fun show, guests invited may or may not necessarily know how to cook. With the help of the show’s on sight chef, Chef Victor of Bon Apetit from Coca-Cola, guests can opt to be given recipes by the chef who not only supervises but also teaches us simple yet affordable but easy to make and delicious quick meals on the show,” said the actress.

“Dinning With …” is produced by Desamour Company Limited in collaboration with IfactoryLive and proudly sponsored by Philips, Coca Cola and the Labadi Beach Hotel.

Dinning With Yvonne Okoro

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