Yvonne Okoro to show boobs again

Yvonne Okoro

Actress Yvonne Okoro appears unperturbed about the public backlash she received for the dress she wore to the last African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), which gave a good view of her sexy cleavage.

The beautiful actress, who is known for wearing dresses or clothes that cover her sexy and vital parts, has said that she would not hesitate to wear the same style any day.

She indeed got the whole of Africa talking about her dress for over a week when she popped up at the 2012 edition of the AMAA awards in her black Jovani dress that revealed her tempting cleavage.

She amazed people who knew that wasn’t her usual style. It is almost a year now and media guns are still talking about the dress and wondering if she would repeat it in case she makes it to this year’s AMAA. Interestingly, she gave a clear hint that she won’t hesitate to show boobs.

She said on Sandra Ankobiah’s ‘Fashion 101’ TV show this week that she decided to vary her style – the reason for wearing the dress to the AMAA. “Give me another colour and I will rock it,” she added.

Yvonne currently is one of the biggest fashoinistas in Africa. She knows when to wear what and get people’s attention.

Fashion aficionados described her usual style of covering up as a “mark of maturity. But once a while, it is good to show where your sexy power lies and she did that perfectly.” But critics think “she lost decency with that dress”.

Currently, Yvonne is busy on her movie projects. She will be premiering her first produced movie, ‘The Contract’, in Nigeria soon.

It will also be premiered in the UK; the reason why she left Ghana Wednesday for the UK to conclude arrangements.

Source: NewsOne

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