Yvonne Okoro to face Nigerian media

Yvonne Okoro

Beautiful Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro will this weekend come face to face with controversial Nollywood media ahead of the premiere of her movie, ‘The Contract’ in Nigeria.

‘The Contract’, directed and produced by Shirley Frimpong Manso and Yvonne, is set to enter Nollywood cinemas this month.

But that will be heralded by a huge premiere on March 22, which is intended to parade other Nollywood stars that will be passing through to support Yvonne Okoro and her ‘Contract’ team.

Prior to the premiere, Yvonne is expected to face Nollywood media on Friday, March 15 at a scheduled press preview event.

Nollywood media have often been described as very aggressive and controversial.

On a number of occasions, they had stringently dealt with some world class stars including American actor Morris Chestnut who reportedly made a certain comment that didn’t please the media when he attended the 2012 Africa Movie Academy Awards.

The Pan African Best Actress at the last Nigeria Entertainment Award is expected to answer questions about her role in the movie which has caused a stir in Ghana.

Source: NewsOne

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