Yvonne Nelson’s nipples cause an uproar

Yvonne NelsonGhanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is one woman who knows the power of self promotion, almost on a daily basis the fashionable actress posts pictures of herself in various poses ranging from sexy to playful for her adoring fans on photos sharing app – instagram.

Two days ago she posted a promotional photo for her new movie House of Gold, which features rumoured new boyfriend Ice Prince

In the picture she’s wearing a black leather dress with a deep neckline, but what “stood out” most about her outfit were her nipples…which were hard to miss as they stood on high alert.

Her nipples immediately caused a stir, drawing criticism from her African followers with comments like “Epic Fail, Nipple Alert”

Nothing harmless right, but somehow these light handed comments got to Yvonne Nelson cause she fired back with, “Epic fail???? Really??? U r funny”

The comments section of the picture immediately descended into a war of words, forcing the actress to promptly delete the picture….

I dunno why she and everyone else were so affected, they are just nipples. Yvonnenipples


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