Yvonne Nelson speaks at last. She broke up with Iyanya after 8 months because he lied throughout

Finally Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has let out the cat from the bag and confirmed that indeed she dated Nigerian musician Iyanya of ‘Kukere’ and ‘Ur Waist’ fame for 7 to 8 months.

“I think it’s time my fans get to know the whole truth so I’m going to let it all out. I dated one (Iyanya) person here, he’s in the industry. There were too many lies in the relationship. I found out a whole lot of things and I just felt like he took advantage of me” She said.

Speaking to Bella Naija, Yvonne said Iyanya lied throughout their relationship, which was a major reason why she broke up with him. She said further that, that made her go on Twitter to tweet about her frustrations.

“I’m human; I’m not like a robot or anything. I just wanted the whole world to know what I was going through and I just wanted them to know that I was done with the relationship.”

This is how the leggy actress described her relationship with Iyanya.

“We dated for 7 to 8 months. We had something and I thought it was special, like he was a wonderful guy but it was all lies. He had other girls and other things he was doing. Aside the actress that was in the picture, there were a lot more. That is how bad it is. We were in a relationship and he lied throughout and he was able to do all those things because I wasn’t living in Nigeria. But aside from the distance, I feel if you’re a genuine person and you’re loyal, you would still not do that.”

Well so when Iyanya mentioned in his song that, Yvonne Nelson I like your waist, it’s not his imagination after all?

Watch Iyanya’s Ur Waist video:

Source: GhanaGist.com

Read the full interview on Bella Naija 

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