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Yvonne Nelson reveals her twitter account has been hacked

Yvonne Nelson’s Twitter account was on Thursday evening hacked for some minutes. The hackers, a group of Nigerian cyber-hoodlums, took over her account, and posted updates quiet uncharacteristic of the lanky actress.

Among other insulting and nasty tweets, the tweeted how she misses “gobbling on Iyanya’s ballz”, and how “Nigerian celebs are full of sh**t.”

The rather damaging tweets, were un-intelligently put across it got most of her followers to instantly know she wasn’t the one.

After about twenty minutes of back and forth tweet-damaging their way, Miss Nelson took over and informed her follwers of the unfortunate incident.

“My account has been hacked,” she tweeted.

This is not the first time she’s suffered from a cyber attack. Her Twitter accountwas once cloned, only for her to issue statements disassociating herself from them.

In other instances, she’s had statements wrongly attributed to her.


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