Yvonne Nelson and Sandra Ankobiah part ways

They were close friends and were seen together at various functions until the relationship between he once best friends, actress, Yvonne Nelson and Sandra Ankobiah, host of Fashion 101 started waning.

The two gave the first signal of their strained relationship early this year when Yvonne was conspicuously missing at Sandra’s graduation party after passing out of Law School because the former was also premiering her latest House of Gold movie.

This act of the two raised a lot of eyebrows and sent many questioning why the two friends would want to organise individual events on the same day.

But the answer was not readily available until both ladies removed pictures of themselves together on their Facebook pages and Instagram. Yvonne later tweeted: “Hard to make new friends now. People get closer just because they need the HYPE! Well, you got the hype and just lost a Friend. Goodnight”.

Even though both parties have been silent on the issue, the versatile actress put to rest all the rumours and confirmed her sweet- turned- sour relationship with Sandra on Delay’s show recently.

According to the Queen’s Bride actress, there wasn’t any argument or misunderstanding between them but it turned out that she wasn’t hearing from Sandra. “I just don’t hear from her,” she stated.

She admitted that even though Sandra is a nice person, she (Yvonne) is focused right now and therefore had to “move away”.

Yvonne (left) and Sandra in happier times

Yvonne (left) and Sandra in happier times

When Delay asked why she had to move away, she remarked, “birds of the same feathers, flock together” and so she had no option but to distance herself since they were two different people.

But in the midst of all these “bashing”, the Fashion 101 host has rather been silent on the issue and she maintained that posture when Showbiz called last Friday to get her side of the story.

Her publicist, Obed Boafo who spoke on her behalf said Sandra had nothing to say about her relationship with Yvonne citing personal reasons for her silence.

“No comments, that is Sandra’s decision. She doesn’t want to be dragged into controversies and this issue is more of a personal one so let’s leave it as it is,” he said.

Not even the question of what might have caused the bad blood between the two ladies could get Mr. Boafo to give details as he stood his grounds and said “As I said earlier, let’s leave it the way it is for now”.

Meanwhile, Showbiz’s following of the two on various social media platforms has shown that Yvonne Nelson recently deleted videos of them together on Keek, a free online social networking service that allows users to upload video status updates.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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