Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya: Who ‘fooled’ who?

There must be something fishy somewhere with the truth concerning Ghanaian sultry actress-Yvonne Nelson and her former ‘Kukere’ boyfriend-Iyanya. These two have incessantly being washing their dirty linen in the public.

Ever since they called off their romance blues, it is from one story to the other, today they are revealing who lied most, tomorrow, another is lyrically beefing the other and now wait for this, it is out that Iyanya has Yvonne Nelson’s name tattooed on his wrist.

According to a close source, “Iyanya has a tattoo of Yvonne Nelson’s initials on his wrist and that’s the picture below. Iyanya supposedly got the tattoo when he was still dating Yvonne, while he was deeply in love with her, meaning their relationship was a lot more than just sex …”

Our candid opinion to the two is that they should cease from the ‘public show’ of abuses and always remember that relationship is the only war where you connect with the enemy.

iyanya-tattoos-yvonne-nelson (1)

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor


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