You are ungrateful- Ghana Actors Guild President tells Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Nii Odoi Mensah, President of the Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) has described actress Yvonne Nelson as a very ungrateful person. His comment is in response to her recent statement that the Guild did not come to ‘her rescue when she was banned from acting by the Film Producers of Ghana (FIPAG) in 2010.

“When my issue came up, the Actors Guild did nothing for me. They only came, sat, had some meetings and that was all. They did nothing for me,” Yvonne Nelson stated when she appeared on the Hanging Out With KOD television show over the weekend.

This has however not gone down well with the GAG president who has challenged the credibility of Yvonne’s statement. “If Yvonne Nelson really said that, then she is a very ungrateful person and I would be very disappointed in her. If she was able to say that the Actors Guild did nothing for her when FIPAG banned heir, then I have to fear human beings. How can she say such a thing when there are records, witnesses and documents to prove that the Guild did a lot for her when the issue came up?

“I personally like that actress a lot so when her issue came up, we went out of our way and held several meetings with FIPAG, pleading with them to drop the ban. You can call any executive of FIPAG to ask about this and they would tell you that the Actors Guild was very instrumental in get-ting the ban reversed.

“Meanwhile Yvonne Nelson would not even attend meetings or pay her dues. But we still stood behind her, pleaded on her behalf and got the ban reversed,” Odoi Mensah disclosed on Neat FM’s new entertainment show “Entertainment Ghana” on Tuesday morning February 18.

Socrates Safo, who was the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for FIPAG at the time Yvonne was banned, also confirmed that FIPAG revoked the ban on the actress because of the pleas from the Ghana Actors Guild.

During the arbitration, there was a time FIPAG even got angry with the ActorsGuild for being over protective-of Yvonne and defending her when she would not even attend any of – the mediation meetings in per¬son, Socrates said.

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