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Yaw Sakyi threatened with death

Yaw Sakyi Afari

Yaw Sakyi Afari

By GhanaGist.Com

After recently losing showbiz personalities like Ronnie Coaches, Dr Paa Bobo, Fennec Okyere, the ever-smiling host of The Rundown on TV Africa and leading basketball promoter in Ghana Yaw Sakyi is reported to have been threatened by the current SRC President of GIMPA Benjamin Essuman.  

Information gathered so far indicates that Yaw Sakyi, who is also a student of GIMPA, has indicated his intentions to contest the upcoming elections but the Essuman-Benjamin led administration have vowed not to allow him to contest because he is reported to have promised students to look into the books of the SRC when he becomes the president.

Our sources indicate the wide support for Yaw Sakyi which can make him the next president and that the current leadership is against. The President and his executives summoned Yaw Sakyi to a meeting 2 months ago for visiting some classes to interact with students but made some mistakes in the spelling of his name and class, so Yaw Sakyi wrote back saying he is not the person in question.

This angered the SRC President who then shouted on top of his voice and was allegedly to have said that, he was going to send Yaw Sakyi to his early grave. “He thinks he is smart. He knows he is the one we are referring to but want to use technicalities”, he was allegedly to have said.

Opinions sampled revealed that Yaw Sakyi has been calling on the SRC to account for GHc223,155 (Two Hundred and Twenty-Three Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty-Five Ghana Cedis) students fund used by the leadership but students can’t see anything for it.

The recent story is that the SRC took GH60,000 (Sixty Thousand Ghana Cedis) from management without the knowledge of the General Assembly which is the body to approve such monies.

These monies they were told were to be used for the production of diaries and pens for students in January 2014. The SRC President has reported that he paid someone GH45,000 (Forty-Five Thousand) to produce these diaries but can’t find the person.

Many students are enraged over this matter and plan to demand the SRC to produce these funds and others alleged to have been spent.

The SRC has issued a statement this morning saying the security agencies are looking for the person they paid the monies to and have asked students not to believe what people opposed to their administration are saying.

What is not clear is whether they will call a Students’ Forum to respond to questions from students regarding how their monies have been used for.

This year’s election has a Nigerian businessman Mr. Emmanuel Okesson, the CEO of City Lights, who is running for the second time after losing to the current President last year and others.

When GhanaGist.Com contacted Yaw Sakyi, he declined to comment on the issue saying he will meet with management and get back to us.


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