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X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bad Words, Hateship Loveship on Box Office and SO MUCH MORE on DStv this week

Trace Sports Stars on Channel 188/All day

MultiChoice has partnered with Trace TV to launch TRACE Sport Stars to DStv Compact+ and Compact subscribers on channel 188 from 30 September 2014.

TRACE Sport Stars is an entertainment channel dedicated to the lives of sport celebrities. It takes a unique behind the scenes access on sporting icons.

TRACE Sport Stars is broadcast in 104 countries and is available in 39 million homes.

Cars Wednesday 08 October 2014 8:35AM GMT | Disney Channel (303) 

On Wednesday 8 October the whole family can dial into Disney Channel at 10:35 to watch Cars.

Lightning Mcqueen is a car with a dream he was born to rev his engine and race! After ending up in the slow town of Radiator Springs he realizes what’s important and how to go after his goals.

Secret Societies of Hollywood: Pursuit of Perfection Thursday 09 October 2014 8.00PM GMT | E! Entertainment Television (124) 

For today’s celebrities, facelifts and Botox are things of the past as Hollywood A-listers now go to unimaginable lengths to look flawless.

From losing baby weight almost overnight to changing their features with extreme plastic surgery, discover how some stars turn to cutting-edge surgeries, dangerous diets and risky behaviour to achieve a “perfect” body.

Join E! this month for an exclusive and shocking report exposing medicine’s most unimaginable procedures, with a panel of experts including Botched plastic surgeon, Terry Dubrow.

To Rome With Love Friday 10 October 2014 6.15PM GMT | M-Net Movies Romance (107) 

The lives of various visitors and residents of Rome intersect. As their adventures, romances and predicaments lead them onto different paths they soon find that life is not as simple as it seems.

Starring: Alec Baldwin as John, Greta Gerwig as Sally, Ellen Page as Monica

Flywheel Saturday 11 October 2014 6.00PM GMT | TBN (341) 

Jay Austin wants to sell used cars in the worst way… and that’s exactly how he does business at his dealership.

Promising much more than he can ever deliver, he’ll do whatever it takes to sell a car.

His manipulative ways permeate all of his relationships.

But as Jay works on restoring a classic convertible, he begins to see that God is working on restoring him as well.

Watch Flywheel on Saturday 11 October at 6.00PM GMT on TBN.

Big Brother Hotshots Eviction show Sunday 12 October 2014 6.00PM GMT | AfricaMagic Showcase (150) 

It’s been one week in Biggy’s house but now it’s time for someone to go home.

This week the following housemates are up for eviction.

Remember your votes will determine who stays in the house so vote to save your favorite.

Tune in for the Big Brother Hotshots eviction show on Sunday 12 October at 6.00PM GMT.

Chase: Unappreciated on Channel O on Monday 13th Oct 11:30 GMT

Chase will be appearing on Channel O’s popular show ‘The Listening Room’ to give a rare, exclusive interview about his recently released album – Unappreciated.

The Listening Room’ gives audiences the opportunity to get into the minds of their favorite Musicians, Rappers and MCs. Chase will be giving his fans a first hand account of his thought process behind each of the songs on his album and will dialogue thoroughly about the inspiration behind the album.

His new album features a new track Pull Me Down which is produced by Gafacci, one of Ghana’s most talent producers around.

He won “best male video of the year” at the 2012 4Syte Music Video Awards. Chase had three nominations for the 2013 edition of Vodafone’s Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), which included nomination for “record of the year” for his song “Lonely”, and video of the year. He won the video of the year category. He was also nominated for 2013 Channel O’s Music Video Awards in the most gifted R&B video category.

Tune in at the following times to Channel O on DStv

13th Oct at 13:30 CAT, 12:30  NG and 11:30 GH

Repeats :

Monday to Sunday 11:30 GH and 19:30 CAT, 18:30 NG, 17:30 GH

This week on Box Office;

Farah Hajee

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The beloved characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from the past, in order to change a major historical event and fight an epic battle that could save our future.

Starring: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender

Director: Bryan Singer

X-Men: Days of Future Past is available to rent on BoxOffice from 6 October 2014.xmen days of future past_opt

The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel and Gus share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them on an unforgettable journey. Their relationship is all the more miraculous, given that they met at a cancer support group.

Starring: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Laura Dern

Director: Josh Boone

The Fault in Our Stars is available to rent on BoxOffice from 6 October 2014.

Bad Words

Guy Trilby is a 40-year-old man seeking catharsis in his life. He seizes the ideal that this will come for him through the National Spelling Bee; after discovering a loophole in the rules, Guy zealously joins the competition.

Starring: Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Allison Janney

Director: Jason Bateman

Bad Words is available to rent on BoxOffice from 8 October 2014.


Two cop brothers, smothered by the shadow of their former police chief father, must investigate a crime they themselves have committed.

Starring: Paul Bettany, Mark Strong, Brian Cox

Director: Nick Murphy

Blood is available to rent on BoxOffice from 8 October 2014.

The Calling

Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef is making her way toward retirement but when a terminally ill woman is gruesomely murdered in her own home, Hazel finds herself tracking a truly terrifying serial killer across the country.

Starring: Susan Sarandon, Ellen Burstyn, Gil Bellows

Director: Jason Stone

The Calling is available to rent on BoxOffice from 8 October 2014.


Jim and Lauren who, after a disastrous blind date, agree on one thing: they never want to see each other again. But when they each sign up separately for a family vacation, they are stuck sharing a suite at an African safari resort.

Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Chelsea Handler

Director: Frank Coraci

Blended is available to rent on BoxOffice from 10 October 2014.

Hateship Loveship

A wild teenage girl orchestrates a romance between her nanny and her father, who is a recovering addict.

Starring: Kirsten Wigg, Guy Pearce, Hailee Steinfeld

Director: Liza Johnson

Hateship Loveship is available to rent on BoxOffice from 10 October 2014.

On Catch Up This Week;

Bron Schultz

Did you miss one of your favourite shows or movies last week?  No sweat, we have a great selection of series, movies, sporting shows and actuality programming that is available for you to Catch Up when it suits you.

Remember you can access DStv Catch Up via your PVR, Explora and online here.  There’s a huge selection of content available online that you can stream, and you can also download the DStv Player to download shows and movies to watch later, at your convenience.



Homeland returns, Express from the US, which means that within 24 hours of the broadcast in the US, it will be on M-Net (at 01:01on the 7th of October) and immediately after that it will be on DStv Catch Up on the Explora (at 02:01). Two days later the show will on M-Net Prime Time and immediately following that on DStv Catch Up on PVR, iPad, iPhone and Online.

This season, infused with new life and shot in South Africa, sees the heroine, Carrie, running things as CIA station chief in Kabul, facing protests and mobs threatening the embassy. This season is far more action-packed and less emotionally driven than the previous ones. Carrie is taking no prisoners and demanding nothing less of her subordinates.

NCIS Los Angeles

The new season of this popular show picks up from the moment the last season ended, with Sam and Callen stuck in a drug cartel’s sub and Hetty pulling yet another disappearing act. We come in at full tilt for a season that promises to keep moving at break-neck speed.

Big Brother Africa

The biggest reality TV Show, Big Brother Africa, will start, so be prepared and make yourself comfortable to watch the ninth season of Big Brother Africa as multiple award winning musicians from Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa take centre stage at the launch.



Discovery Channel’s newest take on survival, adventure series, Tethered, tests people’s ability to survive in some of the most extreme environments on the planet while enduring psychological torment like never before.

Many survival situations involve complete strangers, bound to each other by a six-foot tether, to make it out alive, splitting up is the last thing they should do.

Movies (Available on Explora and online at

There are great movies coming to DStv Catch Up this week including

  • Homefront
  • Baby Bootcamp
  • Admission
  • Sinister
  • Home Alone: The Holiday Heist
  • Prosecuting Casey Anthony
  • Spy Kids
  • Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
  • Woody Allen: A Documentary
  • Woddy Allen: Anything Else

To access DStv Catch Up on your PVR:

–          Press TV GUIDE

–           Scroll down to select “DSTV CATCH UP” and press OK

To access DStv Catch Up on your Explora:

–          Press the CATCH UP button on your Explora remote

Remember, we update all of these shows on a weekly basis, so make sure you never miss a moment.  Check out DStv Catch Up today.

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