Working with Fashion Stylists

In recent times when we see public figures or celebrities pulling off a beautiful or an exaggerated look or having a fashion faux pas look, the next person we tend to ask after is who designed this look and who styled him or her.

Our red carpet moments, editorials and campaigns can’t skip the mention of ‘styled by’ as it is part of the entire creative team working on a personality or campaign look. Behind these looks are stylists also known as fashion stylists or wardrobe stylists.

Working with clothing and accessory designers, makeup artists and other relevant creatives, they team up in pulling off an entire look for personalities, events, campaigns and editorials.

Budding at a very speedy rate in Ghana, we have seen stylists’ mention every now and then and with the advent of social media, many have also ridden on various marketing strategies such as self-styling to gain the necessary exposure and trust needed for prospective clients.

A few of them I have known in recent times in the Ghanaian fashion industry are Empress Jamila, KelvinCent, Afua Rida, Akosua Vee, DoNeal, Urtailorstailor, Fashion Pilot, Styled by Tobi and BVeyStyle amongst others.

Depending on the event, personality or campaign theme or concept, Stylists can work for different functions on different projects. According to Wikipedia, “A wardrobe stylist, also known as a fashion stylist, is a consultant who selects the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures”.

Fashion or wardrobe stylists are different from costume designer, who usually clothe fictional characters in film, television or theater.

Having an artistic sense of which pieces of clothing work together coupled with the best of accessories to make a beautiful look for any type of campaign makes the ideal stylist to work with.

As personalities, celebrities and public figures, it will be in your own interest to take what you wear for public appearances a little more seriously hence the need to engage the services of a fashion stylist.

They could be paid an hourly wage or by the day either for editorial assignments, advertising campaigns, commercials etc. Some are also put on a monthly retainer especially for those working in creative agencies in which they are paid an agreed fee for a period of time and are on call for the entire time period.

With the advent of social media and its dire consequences on a person who experiences a wardrobe malfunctioning or gets his or her look wrong for an event, you will bear with me that it could turn into a nightmare.

Stylists could best assist you with choosing the right outfit for your event, shoot or editorial campaign. Already working with existing fashion designers, they suggest and recommend a variety of clothing for you taking into consideration your body type, colors, type of event, style, look and feel of the entire look.

Finding the best stylists could be useful in helping you pull off a stunning look for your public appearances, campaign shoot or editorial feature.


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