‘Women in the Arts’ Exhibition at Paris Fashion Week Promises to be a Unique & Unmissable Highlight

The exhibition titled ‘Women in the Arts’, is a collaboration between HOFA and its sister company – The House of Luxury (HOL), in tribute to the artistry, craftsmanship and innovation in design that unite the worlds of contemporary fine arts and contemporary haute joaillerie design.

HOFA will showcase the works of contemporary female artists, including; Ilhwa Kim, Romina Ressia, Camille Hannah, Loribelle Spirovski, Wang Ziling and Emmanuelle Rybojad.  Alongside, HOL’s brands, including, Yeprem’s new statement hand and ear pieces, Tabbah’s avant garde new looks featuring reptiles and Talisman charms, with other leading jewellery brands such as Aisha Baker, Gismondi, Alessa Jewellery, Colette, Sarah Zhuang, MAYA and Avantist.

Loribelle Spirovski, The Gamine, 2019, Oil and acrylic on linen (122 x 92cm)

Curated by Art Adviser and co-founder of HOFA, Simonida Pavicevic, the theme is the idea of self-discovery through art, femininity and feminism, and the fluidity of sensory perception.  Each work of art has been carefully selected to create an experience that speaks to the exceptional artistry, remarkable skill, and multidisciplinary backgrounds of contemporary female artists.

As Pavicevic explains, “Contemporary female artists are boldly embracing the varied media and artistic styles of today, using them to interrogate and explore dimensions of modern life in ways that are sensual and also intellectual. More to the point, the worlds of high fashion and art are in many ways intertwined, and this exhibition is a very literal play on that connection.”

Wang Ziling, Further Than Ever, 2019, Acrylic on wood panel (43 x 97 x 3.5 cm)

Loribelle Spirovski’s work of introspection express subterranean emotions through brushstrokes imbued with the memories of past experiences. Camille Hannah and Romina Ressia, for their part, take on the influences of patriarchy and perceptions of femininity in contrasting artistic styles that are both striking and very compelling.

Ilhwa Kim’s meticulously sculpted seed universes, replete with textures and organic abundance, lure the mind to perceive ever evolving colours and depths, while Wang Ziling’s acrylic sculptures redefine perceived boundaries by revealing landscapes well beyond the frames of her art. Finally, Emmanuelle Rybojad’s optical art installations use peppy pop-art tropes and illusions to inspire as well as critique.

Ilhwa Kim, Seed Universe 103, 2019, Hand-dyed Hanji paper (192 x 224 x 16 cm)

The mixed media artwork featured in this exhibition will complement the contemporary fine jewellery designs curated by HOL. Indeed, ‘Women in the Arts’ promises to be a unique and unmissable highlight of PFW 2019.


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