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Win A Weekend Stay At Grand Casamora Hotel At East Legon: Join Okyeame Kwame Sing & Win Promo

Rapdacta Okyeame Kwame is giving his fans the opportunity with win Generators, Pisen Power Banks, shoes from Horseman Shoes and the big one, a weekend stay at Grand Casamora Hotel at East Legon.

To win any of the things above, this is what you have to do, just follow the rules below. The promo starts today, August 10 to August 22, 2015. Good luck!

  1. Record a video of yourself with your phone singing a few lines of Okyeame Kwame’s new single ‘Mere Twen Wo’.
  2. Upload onto instagram.
  3. Hashtag it #OKLyrics
  4. Use the @OkyeameKwameBra
  5. Copy the video link from YouTube and post together with the video on your instagram page (
  6. The video with the most likes which meets all the above requirements wins the prize of the week.

Watch Mere Twen Wo video

Lyrics of Mere Twen Wo

S3 wo fr3 me phone so a baby
Anigye3 a 3ba m’akoma mu
Asoro ab)fo mpo nnibi
Aniber3 a )de hw3 me firi soro
S3 wo kra s3 wo reba me fie a ahopr3 ak) si meso
3frirs3 )d) aaa aaa a
Wode de ba me fie no ny3 ade3 a mahunu bi da oo
Wo skubilabilaladoo no na 3ku me ooo ooooo
Mete ha te ha te ha aa
Na meretw3n woo o


Wo nam kwanso na wo ba medan mu
Mese me siesie me mpam na wo ba medan mu
Mese me siesie makomam
Na waba b3 daamu

3h) na 3d3 ooo,,
makoma akoma akoma h) na 3d3 ooo

S3 wo ba b3 duru dea baby
Me koko kyea wo koko
Maka mano atum ama y3 ho nam akasa
S3 me b) mani a kyer3 s3 di makyi
Na menk) kyer3 wo biribi
M3 ndwene s3 3y3 boni bi
Na 3y3 agya koo movie
Firi s3 )d) aaa aaa aaa
Mereka ho as3m yi
Bi w) sini yi mo ooo
Wo to bi no na ataaba mee ee
Na 3kuu me ooo ooo ooo
Mete ha te ha te ha aa
Na metw3n woo o
w) makoma mu oooo
2x Me tw3n metw3n meretwe3n wo

Mafa mop mafa me broom ayi me hover ayi me duster
Ma hw3 me time mete voom na me y3 no faster
Ma power ma shower
Me wia afie freshner
Ma shada me shomy
Me wia ma hwia me breath
Na matu mirika ak)p3 mentos bi
Ato ma num ooo
Tingalinga lingalin adrinalin I’m tinkiliking I’m twinkiling
I’m bringing in the feeling for the mingling
Woara nim s3 me ni bi
Nanso dvd ne tv 3ne fan bi a 3b) me ceiling de3 ma s)
Ma 3twe me energy
You are the song I’m the melody
A you me life I’m your energy
I am waiting for you like me salary
Theres no other place you should rather bee


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