Will Pastor Ofori Amponsah make another U-turn like American rapper Mase?

In all this brouhaha and hullabaloo about Pastor Ofori Amponsah returning to sing highlife music after years of announcing that he had been called by God to propagate His works, it will not be out of place to ask if he will ever make another U-turn? Will he ever do that?

A lot of people have become born again after repenting from their sins and worldly activities that they are involved in and suddenly gone back to those former activities they do that are against God and His teachings, so the fact that Ofori Amponsah dropped the worldly microphone to pick up God’s microphone to preach his word is normal.

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That makes the whole news a big deal is Ofori Amponsah’s status as a music star who commands lots of following and it’s no news that, several Ghanaians from all walks of life have spoken and are still speaking about it.

There is a belief among Ghanaians that, musicians only turn to God and say that they are born again when their once successful music career starts declining with no hits to show for all the hard work. To a very large extent, it may be true but I’m not in a position to label Ofori Amponsah as one of such musicians.

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“Touch not my anointed” says the Holy Bible, so I will not pronounce judgment on Ofori Amponsah, after all he claimed God had called him. Prior to becoming born again, Ofori Amponsah had seen it all, churned out hits, done great collaborations, made money and won awards – multiple awards for that matter to show for all, the hits that he has churned out.

If it wasn’t a flash from God and it was a real call for Ofori Amponsah to preach His word, then it leaves people to wonder why God didn’t call him when he was churning out hits upon hits, topping the music charts, getting all the big gigs, winning all the awards and of course, getting all the ladies available.

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But then, as a normal mortal being, who am I to question God and when He decides to flash or call anyone? He does so in His own time, let’s just leave it at that for now.Ofori Amponsah and Mase

Born again

On July 10, 2012, during a visit to Peace FM in Accra, Ofori Amponsah said he was a born again Christian and a strong man of God to preach the word of God and win souls for Him.

“I have started my own fellowship and I believe God is calling me into the ministry to tell people He is alive…All the songs I wrote and music I did was not by my strength but by a God-given talent in me, but now it is time for me to return to God just like the prodigal son,” he said.

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It can be recalled that, he was finding it extremely difficult to get a hit after many attempts. After becoming a born again, he also formed his own church, “Family of Faith and Love Ministries” where he ministers every Sunday.

U-turn to Highlife

He has been seen doing the works of God till 2015. Before releasing his first song, Alewa featuring Sarkodie which officially welcomed him back to the highlife scene and the “world” Ofori Amponsah hinted on a comeback when he appeared on Joy Prime on Multi TV hosted by Nathaniel Attoh. “Music is my passion and I want to give something back to my fans so I am preparing for it.”


Now the long and short of the story is that, the once hitmaker highlife musician is officially back to the scene where many say he belonged and ruled for years. His comeback, call it great or not has been met with mixed feelings.

Many are those who think that he is a confused man for returning to continue the worldly activities he left behind when he claimed he had been called by God. Others think the decision to comeback is the right one.

His comeback is being discussed and meanings read into it. Infact, the pressures mounted on his neck are staggering. A former highlife artiste, Papa Shee, now an Evangelist has said that Ofori Amponsah’s return to highlife music after many years of becoming a pastor is a wrong move and called on all believers to pray for him.

“I pray that God touches him [Ofori Amponsah] to get the conviction… You cannot serve two masters. It is impossible. If our brother has turned to the world, we must pray for him so he would rescind his decision. It’s not easy to be a Christian. Jesus said if we want to follow him, we must deny ourselves and carry the cross. As a Christian, you will go to the wilderness but you should be able to stand. Jesus was able to defeat the devil,” he told GhanaGist.Com in an interview from his America base.

Also former rapper now turned Evangelist, Lord Kenya, is not happy with the sudden u-turn of his Christian brother to the secular world. He condemned him on Peace FM for the move because he thinks that’s not the best and may lead to destruction.

“I feel sad how this issue is out there and everybody is saying what they like and I keep asking myself what has happened in my brother, Kwame Ofori Amponsah’s life because there is something wrong somewhere”.

“Today, if through Kwame, somebody doesn’t get a change of mind and the person goes back and something happens, Kwame, I want you to know that that person’s soul, God will ask you”.

Now, with all the pressure coming in from ordinary Ghanaians as well as people who were once in the world like him and became born again and are doing the work of God now, can Ofori Amponsah stand the pressures not to pull ‘Mase’ on Ghanaians?

Mase, real name, Mason Betha is an American multi-platinum-selling rapper who until May 1999 was one of the big shots in the Hip Hop/RNB scene. He announced his retirement from music to pursue a calling from God. He told Funkmaster Flex on New York radio station, Hot 97 that he felt he was leading people down a path to Hell and left the game to find God in his heart and follow him.

On his way to repentance, he declared it was time for him to serve God in his way, saying rap was not real and that he wanted to deal with reality, and that he had become unhappy with what he did, no matter how much it paid.

Even though he had two churches El Eyon International Church and Mason Betha Ministries, one in Atlanta and Phoenix, he returned to the game after public dispute and divorce from his wife. He went  to the church and now back to Hip Hop again.

With all the pressures mounting on Ofori Amponsah on daily basis, will he ever think of doing another u-turn, maybe to be in the same league as Mase? Now, if you claim not to know Mase, then you are certainly not a real Hip Hop fan!

By Ebenezer Anangfio / Graphic Showbiz


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