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Why Skillions have become dormant

Skillions by far is one of the most successful record labels in Ghana, from its humble beginning as a group of talented artistes and rising gradually to a full fetch record label the company has had its own rough and smooth moments till this moment.

Active days

As the name will have it, “Skillions” symbolizes a person with Millions Skills specifically in arts and entertainment. The group became the heartbeat of music lovers especially hip hop enthusiasts from 2008 to 2011. During that era there were hits like three headed beat (Bra Kevin), school (Little Shaker ft Bra Kevin & Kill Matic), Astronaut (Skillions), All I Do Is Win Mixtape Gh Refix (Gemini), Skillionaires Demotape, My Hood (Skillions) and many others.

Founded in 1999 by high school class mates Jayso & T-Kube, Skillions grew into a record label in 2010 after co-founder T-Kube left Ghana for the United Kingdom in 2000. Jayso single handed recruited young rappers and singers like himself for the record label with the dream of creating an empire that will take over the music scene in Ghana.  

An article published on in 2013 states that the group worked was the first to ever produce a Hip-Hop Mixtape in Ghana and this was between 2002-2005. The 21 track Mixtape which did extremely well was a collaborative effort of EL, J-Town, Midknight, KP & Sandyswiz who joined the group in the same period.

the has been pivotal in maintain the hip hop culture and sustaining the Ghanaian music industry. the label has has given rise and supported the careers so many acts including Sarkodie, manifest, E.L, Joey B, Bra Kevin Beat, Little Shaker, Ball J, Kill Matic J Town, Scientific, Trig Matic to mention but a few. 

Many of the names stated above are still doing active music with successful careers; typical examples are sarkodie, Manifest and E.L who are all VGMA and international award winners. But today the question being asked is where the Skillions record label is and even if it still exists how vibrant is it. 

Cause of its dormancy

Many factors have contributed to the dormancy of this amazingly-gifted and promising label emanating from the West Africa sub region. Although Jayso was a gem at selecting talents for the record label, these talents after few months and years of working with the label tend to leave to pursue their individual career.

By 2001, The Skillions consisted of Jayso, Ball J & Jinx Therapy (now Frank P). Jayso later joined the Haatsville Music Group led by Kwame Barfour Osei popularly known as Kobi-Onyame. The Skillions continued to make music together with Haatsville. Jayso continued to recruit talent to ensure the dream was kept alive.

As it stands now most of the members are working on their solo career and there is no time for them to work as a group. According to close sources there are a lot of unfinished works in studio but because of their solo projects these work works are still pending. 

It is the wish of every Ghanaian who appreciates talent and music to see to Skillions back to active music.

Source: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey

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