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Who is a celebrity? Is Lydia Forson a celebrity?

Who is really a celebrity? Does one qualify for the celebrity tag because the person is a popular actor or a musician? So would you say, award winning actress Lydia Forson is a celebrity?

According to the actress who is currently promoting her first produced movie, A Letter from Adam said on e.TV’s Late Night Celebrity Show hosted by Giovani Caleb that she is not a celebrity but rather a filmmaker and an artiste.

“I always tell people I’m not a celebrity but a film maker and an artiste,” said said.

According to her, “I was not on a break, because I was in productions that were released outside Ghana but movie goers always want more because even at the premier of A Letter from Adam people were asking when the next one will be coming. A Hollywood artist can stay behind the scenes for years and that doesn’t make that person less of an artiste but in Ghana, people want to see you on screen all year round.”

What do you also think? Do you think she is a celebrity?

Lydia Forson and Obrafour

Lydia Forson and Obrafour on the show

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