Where are the musicians? Give Zone Three 6 the Right to Play Your Music Video

In the creative industry of arts specifically music, being aware of the legal instrument that backs your work creation is equally as important as the music you make.

The main legal issues in the music space are copyright and moral rights. To avoid the infringements of these rights, we at Zone Three 6 legally request the right to play your materials.

Copyright is the legal instrument that only you have in your work creation. Under the three main rights of musicians, the performance and communication rights are used when
Broadcast music on TV or Radio
Play a song live or in a recorded form
Put your music on the internet
We at the Zone Three 6 brand call on music artiste to give us the legal right to play their works, audio and video on all our platforms.

Giving us permission to showcase your music material on our digital platforms is to avoid your work from being copyrighted.

This might apply to you if you are a:
Sound engineer

By signing the forms below, you legally give us the right to play your Music Video on the Channel – Click on this link and download the forms or Log on to www.zonethree6.tv and find the Release Form on the menu bar – http://bit.ly/2kjJHyx

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