When you are in the media, you are not a celebrity!


Bernard Avle, Director of News and host of Citi FM’s morning show has said that people in the media sometimes confuse themselves to think that they are celebrities.

According to him, being in the media, doesn’t qualify one to tag himself as a celebrity, even though they occasionally interact and interview celebrities. He said this during an interview with NewsOne.

“… Let me explain something to you. When you are in the media, you are not a celebrity.  There are media personalities who are celebrities. Jessica possibly, Kwame Sefa Kayi possible, Jocelyn Dumas, some of them have transcended just been on radio and on television to having a following. Some of us think because we are on radio our weddings are for public events…”

“Because as media people we interact with a lot of celebrities, we sometimes get into the news.  This confuses us to think we are celebrities but in actual sense we are not. I don’t consider myself a celebrity and my wedding did not deserve any special attention.”

Do you agree with him? Read the full interview

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