What’s that ‘something’ between Paintsil & Sala?

Paintsil & SalaIs there lingering drama between Ghanaian defender John Paintsil and Sala of Paradise Entertainment?

John Paintsil has recently been in the news for one thing or the other (like the issue with his wife that landed Richlove Paintsil in hospital with a deep gash above her eye), and even to the extent of attending movie premiers and album launches. What isn’t clear is the motive behind this recent fun.

The blatant truth is that whether we like it or not, we have our own people we adore from the football, music and movie world as our stars. So it would not be wrong for us to put out an article on any slightest hint of a little ‘something, something’ going on.

Recently, after attending Sala’s music launch, and with happenings that have been trailing their conversations and gestures, we may not be wrong to say that the erstwhile Hapoel Tel Aviv star is a top contender of the singer’s ‘love’.

If our readers have anything to doubt, then how do we term John’s frequent demands for more time out with Sala? For the love of our man, many may insinuate that he cannot kill a dead rat not to talk of a living tiger, then wherein lies his bravery?

All we can say for now is that we have more scoop for you, keep it glued here as we unveil more cases of optical illusion into reality between the sultry singer and the experienced defender.

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