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What’s next for Kofi Laing after “Kenkey Girl To Cover Girl” documentary?

Kofi Laing is gradually warming himself into the hearts of Ghanaians as the Creator, Producer and Director of #GhanaSpeaks on Joy Prime and Joy News.

After the release and success of his last documentary under #GhanaSpeaks titled “Kenkey Girl To Cover Girl”, Kofi took a break to visit his family in the UK.

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He is due back in Ghana and obviously on a new project. What next for the man that tagged himself the “Classic Man”? GhanaGist.Com caught up with him to speak on what he has planned next.

GhanaGist: Kofi Laing firstly, congratulations on the success of the Kenkey Girl To Cover Girl.

Kofi Laing: Thanks GhanaGist.

GhanaGist: Did you expect it to get the overwhelming reviews it got?

Kofi Laing: Not really….it was my first attempt at Producing, Directing and writing my own documentary, so was quite unsure what reaction I will get, but what really worked was how people like any story that gives back to others who are not so well off.

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GhanaGist: So what’s next? Surely after this, the expectations of you will be high.

Kofi Laing: Very true, so I took a break to go back to the UK to see my family. I just don’t want to rush my next project.

GhanaGist: Tell us more. What’s coming up?

Kofi Laing: Well at the moment I want to focus on my radio show on Joy 99.7FM for the next 2 weeks and excited about a tribute I am paying to Joe Thomas on the 20th. I will begin shooting the next short documentary after this.

GhanaGist: Any hints on what it’s about?

Kofi Laing: I can’t tell you otherwise I will have to kill you…hahahahah… seriously. It’s still focusing on people on the street as that’s what #GhanaSpeaks is about and I hope it’s better than Kenkey Girl To Cover Girl,…hmmm …no pressure on me.

GhanaGist: Okay, looking forward to it. What’s the expected release date?

Kofi Laing: Maybe end of November. And yes GhanaGist will be one of the first to be informed I promise.

GhanaGist: Good to hear. Keep me posted and hope it all goes well.

Kofi Laing: Thank you.

Kofi Laing

Kofi Laing


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