“What you call big buttócks may appear very normal to someone” – Afia Schwarzenegger

Ellen Korkor Asante

Ellen Korkor Asante

Actress Ellen Korkor Asante, the lady currently playing lead character in the popular ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ television series has told NEWS-ONE she is not comfortable when people describe her as having oversized buttocks.

“Me I don’t even understand them ooo. They started by saying I have a big mouth, now they are saying I have big buttocks. What you see behind me and call big buttócks may appear very normal to someone. Others may even see it as small buttocks. Someone’s meat is another person’s poison but they talk about my buttocks as if I am deformed. It makes me a bit uneasy,” Korkor told NEWS-ONE.

She however explained that playing lead role in ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ has made her very popular and given her a lot of new friends who show her love everywhere she goes.

“Now almost everywhere I go, it seems almost everyone knows me. People mention my name, people give me fans, people treat me with respect, people want to talk to me and I just feel like a star. I feel very happy and I want to work harder to make people happy so that they would continue to support and correct me,” Kokor added.

Kokor said she had no experience whatsoever in acting before going for the auditions and that she only tried her luck because she loves acting.

“My director tells me what to do and I just do it. I don’t look at anybody, I don’t pretend to be somebody, I just want to be myself and as real as possible. With time, I have realized that this is my biggest strength,” she stated.

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