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What have you done today to make you feel proud? Meet Samantha Wuta-Ofei on YFM every Sunday evening

e.TV Ghana’s newsreader Samantha Wuta-Ofei can now be found giving a fifteen talk as a Life coach on YFM every Sunday evening.

Samantha sits on the MPwr show which is hosted by Emmanuel Gamor and Amma Aboagye. Last Sunday Miss Wuta-Ofei spoke on doing stuff to make you proud. She cited the Heather Small song ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud?’ as a basis for discussion, she challenged people to do stuff daily to make themselves feel proud.

The show, which was off air for some months, is back and offers the young and young and heart practical advice on how to manage matters that concerns them. The Mpwr show is a much needed program as it is inspiring and tends to have guests on there who are young and inspirational. The question posed is an interesting one as it causes one to take an introspective look at what contribution one has made to help improve one’s situation.

The economy in Ghana seems to be rife with doom and gloom stories and if care is not taken it could lead to lack of initiative and procrastination, the youth therefore definitely need to hear a voice that helps them to refocus their energy and gives them a hope – the youth need to be told that they can do it if they just decide and are disciplined in what they want to pursue.

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