Wear Ghana makes fashion industry entry

Wear GhanaNew fashion brand in Ghana that is set to revolutionize the fashion industry and enhance Ghanaian culture.

Wear Ghana (WG) is more than just another fashion house; they are Ghana’s foremost Image and Personality consultants, specializing in clothes and accessories that turn people into lovable brands.

According to the founder of the brand, Awura Abena Agyeman, Wear Ghana is “the very definition of personality couture. We believe that we are all what we wear; and that clothes, do speak loudest.”

“We are a team of young, innovative enthusiasts who like to break barriers and do the impossible. We create history each day with fabrics, buttons, stitches, shapes, colours, patterns, sizes and a can-do- spirit.”

Unlike other fashion brands, Wear Ghana’s main aim is to help wearers tell the Ghanaian story and the African story just by their appearance.

According to Awura Abena, the team “has always believed that as proud as we are as a people with truly rich cultural heritage, we should proudly Wear Ghana always. It is this ideal that led to us transforming our passion for Ghanaian fashion into a machinery that is serving to get Ghanaians to Wear Ghana all the time. We have always been passionate about quality. And we have always insisted that each outfit should have a life of its own. That is why no two Wear Ghana outfits are ever the same. That is why we ensure that whatever we create exhumes confidence, spreads hope and remind the wearer of he need to do more develop Ghana and Africa.”

Wear Ghana is working hard to get Ghanaians to feel and look good wearing Ghana, not just on Fridays, but every single day to every occasion. While at that, they are focused on building a world-class brand in Ghana that Ghanaians will patronize over and above other world-famous brands. That way, “we consume a lot more raw materials from Ghana, employ more people and in our own small way boost the economy.”

The team at Wear Ghana dreams big just likes most new generation Ghanaian businesses.

“Our dream is to have the President of Ghana address the United Nations General Assembly, Wearing Ghana. Thereafter we will look to take the world of fashion by storm,” explains Awura Abena.

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Like the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/WEAR-GHANA/403786636326994 or visit www.wearghana.com

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