WatsUp TV; Pan African Television soon to take over Africa


A NEW Pan-African entertainment television called WatsUp TV is expected to hit your silver screens soon. WatsUp TV seeks to bridge the gap between Western entertainment and that of Africa while promoting the entertainment aspect of African arts and culture.

WatsUp TV will also serve as the main digital distributor of indigenous African entertainment shows to the rest of the world. The management of WatsUp TV explained that the idea behind the establishment of such a unique TV station is to broadcast the African story the way it is and to create the needed awareness and an opportunity for the unification of Africans, especially the youth, without being barred by language, religion or creed.

A director of the company indicated that “The 21st century youth is more receptive to understanding the cultural dynamics of today’s world now, therefore WatsUp TV is here to bridge the gap.”

This, according to the management, is to erase the misconception that everything good only comes from the Western world and rather emphasize that “we Africans have a story to tell and the time is now to bridge the existing gap between fans and celebrities; to launch a social entertainment platform on WatsUp TV this year.”

Of course, viewers should watch out as WatsUp TV promises to be fun-filled with first-class entertainment with celebrities and fans across the 54 African countries very soon. Some of the activities planned to premier on the first-ever African TV network include a tour of Africa and other exclusives to viewers in the comfort of their homes. WatsUp TV will be airing in Ghana and other African countries.


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