WATCH THIS: Is Elikem also not aware of the camera in the bathroom? #BBATheChase

The intensity of immorality in the Big Brother Africa reality show can’t be overemphasized. It’s not even funny anymore as GhanaGist.Com has observed that, housemates feel going naked or semi-nudé is a sure way of getting sympathy from the viewers.

It can be said that, even as an actor, Elikem will not play a complete nudé scene in a movie for any amount. So it makes GhanaGist.Com wonder if he’s aware of the camera in the bathroom filming him and other housemates for people to pay and watch online via Big Brother VIP Access. But here he is in the Big Brother house bathing and showing his ‘goods’ to the world. Hmmm! what men can do for money. Lord have mercy!

Evicted Ghana rep, Selly at her press conference appeared lost when the question as to if she was aware the camera in the bathhouse records them as they bath for people to watch online for a fee.

If Selly was not aware, how different is Elikem? Like the BBA website put it “Watch the Housemates in their most personal moments”, watch Elikem take his bath.

The disclaimer notice below appears before and after the video.

“Housemates’ decisions, actions and opinions are their own and are not representative of the Big Brother producers, broadcasters, sponsors, affiliates, their countries and/or communities”




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