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Watch: Keche dazzles crowd with “FineBoy” Single At 2015 4SyteTV Music Video Awards


Keche gave patrons a spectacular performance during their opening act at the just ended 2015 4SyteTV Music Video Awards.

The hiplife duo billed to perform at the award ceremony, received round of applause from patrons amid cheers after they performed some of their hit songs.

Made up of Andrew and Joshua, the former stepped on stage with “Diabetes” one of their recent hit song but it was during “FineBoy” that the crowd inside the AICC really came alive.

Keche performed back to back hit songs from “Diabetes”, “FineBoy” and ended with their latest single “Case”.Keche

Behind the turntable was DJ Huarache, the official disk jockey for Keche.

Watch the full performance below…


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