Was Barima Sidney poisoned or not?

Barima Sidney

Very reliable information gathered by your authoritative and Ghana’s Number one entertainment newspaper Flex, has it that, if it hadn’t been for the timely invention of health personnel at the Holy Trinity Hospital located at North Kaneshie a suburb of Accra, the showbiz and entertainment industry as well as all Ghanaians would have been mourning the death of Hiplife artiste, Barima Sidney by now.

Our credible informant, name withheld, revealed that in the evening of Tuesday February 26, 2013 after working hard the whole day, Barima Sidney got back to his North Kaneshie Orgle Road residence and retired to bed after having a meal of Waakye.

Unfortunately for him, his eagerness to have a sound sleep to restore some energy for the next day’s tough schedule could not materialize as he started having severe pains in his stomach.

In as much Barima Sidney tried to get some sleep, he realized that was not going to happen as the stomach pains intensified and became life-threatening.

Around 4:30am, Barima Sidney sensing that he was almost dying shouted for help from his neighbors who rushed him to the Holy Trinity Hospital for medical attention.

Upon prompt medical attention and examination, it was revealed that Barima Sidney’s near-death condition was due to food poisoning.

From 4:30am when Barima Sidney was hospitalized, doctors and nurses at the Holy Trinity Hospital had to keep keen eyes on Barima Sidney to ensure that his condition had stabilized before he was discharged later on in the evening.

Flex Newspaper is thankful to the management of Holy Trinity Hospital for saving the life of Barima Sidney but one important question that needs to be answered is whether the food poisoning was as a result of the Waakye being contaminated or the Waakye was mixed with some kind of poison with the intent of ending the life of Barima Sidney.

If indeed someone wanted to have Barima Sidney dead, what could be the reason for that? Who could have been responsible for that action? Has Barima Sidney done something dreadful for his life to be threatened? Could it have anything to do with his political preference and opinion?

Frantic efforts to get in touch with Barima Sidney, proved futile as calls to his phone weren’t answered. Meanwhile our credible informant has revealed that a song entitled ”Ghana b3 y3 d3”has been worked on by Barima Sidney and Omanhene Pozo which is expected to be the official song for the Easter Celebrations.

Our source also noted that very soon, the group Nananom will resurface on the music landscape as Barima Sidney and Omanhene Pozo are feverishly cooking some good tunes in the studio to be released this year.

Source: FlexGhana.com

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