Warning: Guys who tweet a lot might be guys who cheat a lot

A guy tweeting

Today in unfortunately rhyming news: The more you tweet, the more you cheat.

According to a journalism doctoral student’s research of 581 Twitter users of various ages, those who are active Twitter users are more likely to experience Twitter-related conflict. Well, duh, that’s seems obvious–but the Twitter related convict can lead to divorce, breakups, and cheating.

Basically, this means that too much tweeting can cause fights that aren’t necessarily relationship-related, but arise from one partner being distracted from the relationship and then lead to infidelity or breakups.

Interestingly, Facebook use also had a negative impact on relationships, but especially in newer relationships of three years or less. Twitter use, on the other hand, had a negative impact on relationships regardless of length. No relationship is safe from Twitter!

By Yahoo Shine

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