War against Cervical Cancer: Ghanaian female celebrities collaborate with The Kultiva Group to fight Cervical Cancer!

Some Ghanaian female personalities have united and collaborating with The Kultiva Group and the Cervical Cancer Unit of the Ridge Hospital to educate, screen and create public awareness of the disease, under the theme, “what every woman should know” through the ‘Every woman 2013’ project.

The personalities include Nana Ekua Asanteba Mensah and Zenaida Morrison of Viasat 1 News, musician Sherifa Gunu, actresses Gloria Sarfo of ‘Efiewura’ and Roselyn Ngissah and entertainment host Agnes Ntow.

It comes off May 12, 2013 which coincides with ‘Mother’s Day’, at the Regimanuel Grey Golden Gate Club house, Spintex. This programme will utilize the platform of cookery, entertainment and intertwine the intended health exercise.

Cervical Cancer is the second most common cancer, affecting women under 45 years. It is quoted as the third leading cause of cancer death among women globally, after breast and lung cancers. Cervical cancer occurs when a virus called the human papilloma virus invades the cells in the cervix and can usually be diagnosed at an early stage through a Pap test. The Pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer.

In Ghana currently, it is estimated that out of 3038 women diagnosed with cervical cancer yearly, 2006 die from the disease (80%); that’s according to the World Health Organization (WHO; 2010). Due to lack of information and knowledge as well as proper diagnoses, deaths resulting from cervical cancer is often linked to general cancer.

63847034_352641-360x198 Agnes Ntow Gloria Safo Nana Ekua Asanteba Mensah Roselyn Ngissah Sherifa Gunu Zenaida Morrison

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