Wanlov backs Jujumen

WanlovSensational musician Wanlov Da Kubolor has thrown his weight behind 732 traditional religious practitioners including fetish priests and priestesses, witch doctors, sorcerers, soothsayers and seers who want the government of Ghana to sponsor their pilgrimage to India and Dahomey in the Republic of Benin to perform special rituals for the country.

“It is a good idea. Let them go, maybe it will solve the plenty problems we have in Ghana now,” the man who wears a skirt with no underwear and no footwear told NEWS-ONE in an interview.

The controversial member of the Foes of Kwame Nkrumah (FOKN) music group noted that now that Ghana was facing a lot of challenges, all forms of religious pilgrimages should be welcomed to help solved these problems.

“In this era of ‘Dumsor dumsor’, water rationing, bad roads and pollution among others, I think we need all the forms of spiritual help we can get,” Wanlov stated.

The spokesperson for the group of religious practitioners who wanted to embark on this pilgrimage, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, had earlier told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview that they wanted government to help facilitate and coordinate their pilgrimage.

“In all, we are 732 drawn from various shrines across the country and we intend spending a month outside but we may reduce it to three weeks to cut cost because we understand Ghana is broke.

“But what we are going to do is very important and since our constitution respects for freedom of worship, we believe the government would listen to us because we also pay tax just like the Christians who would be enjoying the $600,000 sponsorship from government,” Nana Kwaku Bonsam, convener of the group, had told NEWS-ONEin a telephone interview from his New York base.

The group is yet to submit its proposal formally before the government.


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