Wanlov arrested in Romania for not wearing shoes

News-One reports that, what started out as a prank on the controversial singer, rapper and video director Wanlov  by the Romanian police turned out to be an embarrassing 30mins of his life when he was arrested and detained for failing to put on footwear.

Wanlov who is currently in Ploiesti in Romania to perform at an event and also to shoot some scenes for the second chapter of the ‘Coz ov Moni’ movie in an exclusive interview said initially when the police approached him they asked of his Identification card, after which they asked him to accompany them to the station because their machine could not register his name.

“Because I wasn’t wearing any footwear the police stopped me and asked me of my ID. At that moment I wasn’t having my ID on me so the police decided to crosscheck my name from their computer. I think they didn’t enter my name well so they couldn’t find any records and asked that I accompany them to the police station.”

“The other policemen insisted that they arrested me not only because of the ID but also because they had also received complaint from a lady that I was displaying penis indecently on the streets. After I asked them to provide the woman who lodged the complaint, the inspector came out from his office and asked that they release me immediately,” Wanlov stated.


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