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Vodafone must take Kwaw Kese on!

Many are of the opinion that, the resurrection of Bandana aka Shatta Wale and the fact that, he has been accepted and gradually taking over the tag ‘King of the Streets’, a title Kwaw Kese has conferred on himself for years, could be the reason for his (Kwaw) recent outbursts in order to be seen, heard and noticed that he’s still relevant.

Ever since Abodam as he prefers to be called entered the hip life game, he has been a thorn in the flesh of many, including his fellow musicians as well as event organizers.

Kwaw’s penchant for attention is just nauseating. It is high time it is drummed into his ears that his style of approaching issues is not the best and definitely not the way to go.

He is always seeking opportunities to launch unnecessary attacks on other artistes for no particular reason. It does not end there, he even goes ahead to attack them in his songs.

The day he hit the limelight with single-hit tracks on Obrafour’s Execution Dairy and Hammer of the Last Two’s Soundz Of Our Time compilations with Oye Nonsense and Kwakwa respectively, marked the day the bad boy of Hip Life was born.

Without any doubt, Oye Nonsense, was an instant hit although it was a direct diss to Kontihene’s Mi Gi Zi Gi. He denied it vehemently but that controversy catapulted him to stardom. So it seems Kwaw Kese has always been like thatalways courting controversy.

Thus if your first ever song as an artiste was an instant hit because you took a swipe at your  colleague artiste, then it certainly gives you the go-ahead to continue to tread that line.

Over the years, Kwaw has descended heavily on his fellow hip life artistes and called them all sorts of names. He was reported to have dissed Obrafour, spoke badly about Tinny and even dissed the whole hip life movement.

So personally, I’m not too surprised at Kwaw’s behaviour at all. It seems like that was how he was brought up as an artiste.

Before his latest stunt at the finals of Vodafone Icons recently, he had taken a swipe at Shatta Wale during TV3’s Mentor finals about a week earlier. No one can also forget about his fracas with VIP at the last Joy FM Night With The Stars.

Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese

Although I wasn’t at the Vodafone Icons finals, I don’t think that  stops me from airing my observations of the show.

I read and watched videos on the Internet that Kwaw stormed the stage from nowhere because his junior brother, Buda was evicted and couldn’t make the top two final stage.

I must also admit that, I did not watch the Vodafone Icons contest regularly but on the few occasions that I did, I knew Buda was not going to be the winner..

Even though people made noise about his talent, I wonder what was interesting about talent without originality. Before any talent win a competition like the Vodafone Icons, the person must prove beyond reasonable doubts that, he or she is super talented and very original -something which Buda lacked.

On that premise and comparing all the other three contestants, Buda didn’t merit the crown. Perhaps he’s talented but was he original to win the competition at all? No, because during the show, I only saw a young version of  Kwaw Kese on stage called Buda.

Buda to me appeared like an exact carbon copy of his senior brother, Kwaw Kese. Nobody can take it from him that they are brothers but must they ‘relate’ musically too? No way! Ghanaians are okay with one Kwaw and I’m sure are not interested in a ‘fake’ Kwaw.

Kwaw and Buda sound the same musically. Their mannerism and every other thing are the same. So tell me, which event organiser would want to book two Kwaw Keses on a show?

Consequently, I think what Kwaw did was very childish and shameful. I think it’s about time Kwaw Kese is taken on for all these shameful behaviours.

Even though I found his allegation that he had a call from someone from Vodafone asking him to pay GH¢10,000 to enable Buda win laughable, Vodafone must not treat it like they are doing now.

Since he said he stands by his allegations and  will not apologise for what he did, then he should be made to prove his allegations. Vodafone, this is serious business.

By Ebenezer Anangfio

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