Vodafone Icons Remix Edition ready to release final 5 Icons #IconsRemix

As you know by now, Vodafone Icons show will witness its final eviction and first wildcard on this week’s edition. What this means is any of the five contestants can be up for eviction while one of the seven evictees can make the call-up for the final five.

Owing to the massive complaints the audience make each time their favourite is evicted, this reporter went to the streets of Accra to sample opinions from viewers on which contestant they think will be eliminated or which evictee will be brought back. Here’s what they said:

“If I had the power to bring back any contestant, I will choose Ratty. By far, he is the only Icon who brilliantly combines rap and singing perfectly” said Francis Brown, a store attendant at Makola.”

Other Icons viewers think the competitiveness of the race has made it difficult to tell who will be evicted or who deserves to be reintroduced into the show. Kwabena Ebo, a mechanic said: “Left to me, all the evictees should come back, looking at how well this edition’s contestants have performed.”

An anonymous interviewee this reporter spoke to said he will choose Enam because of her fine musical talents and the professional training she has had from her mum, a singer and dad, a pianist.

Presently, the Icons house has five great singers, all of whom deserve to be in the final five. As fate will have it, only one of them will be eliminated for an evictee to be included.  The bad news is that no one knows which contestant will be left smiling or who will miss the call-up to the final five.

Vodafone’s ‘Power To You’ slogan empowers you to decide who stays or exits at this stage of the competition. You can simply text the name of your favourite contestant to 1735 to increase his or her chances of being one of the final five to go to South Africa. Let your thumbs do the talking.Vodafone Icons Remix

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