Vodafone Icons Remix Edition:  Dolly evicted, Ratty returns #IconsRemix

The much anticipated edition of this year’s Icons show took interesting twists and turns as fans cannot wait but to hear the name of the wild card evictee back to the house.

The night started with group choreography by the five remaining contestants on one of Amandzeba’s collection; “Wonba eei Africa.” The show was dedicated to honouring the Legend Amandzeba, thus contestants treated their audience to some collections of this illustrious singer of Ghana.

The audience were then showed video excerpts of last week’s evictee; Ratty as he packs out of the house amidst melancholic chants and chorus from fans.

Fallen soldiers (evictees) of the show were lined up for the judges to decide on who comes back to the house. Ratty finally got the wild card evictee as all the judges unanimously went for him.

This edition’s show was the last eviction for this season’s Icons. Fans of all contestants seem very solemn, eager and nervous as to who would go home.

Dolly and Titi were up for eviction but unfortunately, the judges all went for the bubbly and exquisite singer; Titi.

Titi won the best act of the night as she dazzled the audience with one of Amandzeba’s songs “Dede miisumo Bo.”

All is now set for that enviable tour as Titi, Cena, Chris, Alice and Ratty leave for the glitz and glamour of that glittering  country; South Africa.

Keep voting for your favourite contestant if you want the person in the house; see you at the National Theatre on the 26th November, 2014 for the grand finale.

Dolly and Ratty

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