Vodafone Icon Remix Edition Diaries: What’s new this week #IconsRemix

It’s week five in the lives of the eight contestants in the Vodafone Icons Remix race. After the double eviction last week, Vodafone Icons Remix faithfuls and contestants have mixed feelings as to what the next surprise will be on the show.

As the race gets tougher, suspense increaseson who is next on the eviction list, when the eviction free day will be, or when the wild card evictee would be brought back to the show. Regardless of the occasional butterflies they experience, news of the five finalists’ tour to South Africa is keeping the participantson their toes.

As usual, the remaining eight contestants have started their weekly routine of engaging in voice training sessions, personal rehearsals, singing, and more. With the prize at stake, the Vodafone Icons contestants are very poised for action as they have already started rehearsing and fine-tuning their songs before the dress rehearsal with the band on Tuesday.

On the genre of music to be served from the Icons menu this week, contestants will thrill the audience withContemporary Gospel. Whether the tunes chosen will be foreign or local gospel, you will have to find out more by watching this week’s edition of Vodafone Icons Remix Edition on Saturday on 4site TV at 8pm and Vaisat 1 at 9pm; Sundays on TV3, 5pm and GH1 at 7pm..

In the meantime, text the name of your favourite contestant to 1735 to increase his or her chances of staying in the competition. Until then, let’s just wait and see what happens next! Power to you!Vodafone Icons Remix

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