Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013 suffers major holdup due to failure in planning

Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013The management of the power house in events, Charter House has confirmed their decision to cancel the earlier date “13 April 2013” of this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) to later date of 18th May 2013.

According to management this has come about due to challenges beyond managements control and as such refurbishment of the Accra International Conference centre “The Dome” would be in better condition for use during the new date set.

The confirmation of this major change was chanced about in a radio interview with Peace FM on “Entertainment Review” by this reporter in Accra.

“The month of April is a season of the raining season, and management has combed venues in Accra but yet can’t fit in the challenge of rains and the capacity of audience expected to troop in on the set date of event. Management has no choice but to wait for the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the Dome”, Management stressed.

Reasoning through the explanation of the management of charter House plays much worrying which some critics in the creation industry finds it difficult to understand the decision behind changing date whiles there are equally better venues to host the event.

However, having said this one believes that, events of such magnitude are not just events but a project which have over grown the capacity of most of the event venues in the country.

To mention some of the event venue are the National Theater, Accra International Conference Centre, The Dome, Accra Sport stadium and also the banquet hall.

Yes we need bigger event venues that can stand all kinds of events and also in all seasons.

Government needs to assist in bringing this dream to reality which has to incorporate concerns of all stakeholders in the arts and creation industry nationally.

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that, the just ended controversial Hope City Concert tagged with Chris Brown was organised by the same Charterhouse at the Accra sport stadium with a massive poor out whom patrons came out in their numbers.

What one would like to find out if management has considered the economic implications and turnout of patrons who have time in out made the event what it is for years which charterhouse has driven on to achieve it success in the industry?

In managing a project of such a magnitude of VGMA the traditional time line and budgetary allocation made available to implement the project can’t be extended over 30 working days and expect to have the premium and leverage placed on the event.

Having made such open statement on the issue at stake, I believe in establishing the value the event has on the development of the rich culture of music, Ghanaians can’t be short changed in prolonging the set date for the event. 

From where some critics like me stand, is charter House holding a monopoly to be the only event hub organising the Ghana Music Awards? 

Is MUSIGA considering partnering with other major sponsors curbing the challenges and controversies the event brings to the industry yearly?

Speaking on a extent of authority, the extra load of jobs and understaffing currently alleged being managed by event organiser would defiantly have a major turn down on this years out come VGMA 2013.

One would like to find out, if budget allocation made available (Vodafone Ghana)  to the event organisers made provision for contingency plan should in case such things happen in the process whiles implementing the event?

However, the space and facilities the stadium those provide can always be turned into making it the environment and ambiance which the Dome those also offer lovers of Ghanaian music.

It is very intriguing to find out that the space and facility found at Dome can’t replicated for the upcoming VGMA whiles all hopes of stakeholders would not shattered.

It is of this reason one can say that, it would not be surprising if the set date mentioned above would be changed to suite some ones parochial interest whiles stakeholders are drained of their interest.

By: Chris–Twum

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