Viral Lewd Picture: Multichoice Ghana Disassociate Itself

MultiChoice has observed the circulation of a lewd picture purported to have come from one of its channels. We wish to assure the public that the said content was neither produced nor aired by any of our channel partners.

DStv and our channel partners are highly sensitive to the values of our viewers across the continent and thus provides the necessary content information for all programmes aired. In addition all DStv decoders come with Parental Control features to aid parents restrict viewing of content with age restrictions.

Below is a statement from Cartoon Network on the above subject:


We are aware of the justified concern of some of our African viewers regarding what purportedly shows inappropriate content on Cartoon Network. We can confirm without hesitation that these images are not authentic and have never been broadcasted or shared on any official Cartoon Network platforms in Africa in any capacity. The fake images on social media were not produced by Cartoon Network, and are in no way representative of our goal to provide suitable, age-appropriate entertainment for African children and families.

Our investigation indicates the lewd picture was taken from an illegal DVD with adult’s content on sale on the market illegal using our partners logo. We advise parents to be very vigilant when buying pirate DVD’s for their children.

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