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VIP split is a publicity stunt – 4×4’s Captain Planet

Captain Planet

Captain Planet

Captain Planet, known in real life as Jeff Sylvanus Dodji and a member of music trio, 4×4, has closed that he loves and enjoys it when a woman slaps him.

He made this revelation when she appeared on the Hang Out segment on the Cruise Control on Hitz FM with Kwame B Friday.

He said, “I love it when a woman slaps me”, adding that it is nice and sexy when one receives a slap from a woman because she will pamper you after that.

Captain Planet disclosed that he once received a slap from the love of his life Uche Ofodile because he got too addicted to his cell phone.

“We were on a flight I was doing my BBM and I heard ‘pa’ [a slap],” recounting that it is the best feeling on earth to be slapped by a woman.

Jeff observed that the phenomenon is very common with men these days recounting that even CoDed, who is also a member of 4×4, has also received some slaps from his wife.

‘VIP split is a publicity stunt’

Commenting on Emmanuel Ababio (Promzy) exiting the music group, Vision In Progress (VIP), after almost two decades of doing music with them, Captain Planet said he believes it is a publicity stunt.

According to him, VIP – also made up of Joseph Nana Ofori (Prodigal), and Abdul Hamid Ibrahim (Lazzy now Zeal) – is one of the country’s best groups adding, Promzy will definitely make a return to the group.

Jeff said, “VIP is one of the greatest groups and they are coming back whether you like or [not]. I know it’s just a trick.”

“When I heard VIP has broken up, I said it’s a lie, I know it’s just a publicity stunt,” he maintained.

Captain Planet used the platform to encourage oneness amongst musicians in Ghana and advised them to desist from insults and quarrels.

“Let’s uphold and hold the good name of hiplife. Let’s become one and unite Ghana,” he urged.

Source: Hitz FM

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