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#Vikileaks: TRANSCRIBED TEXT (Unknown Lady Version): The Victoria Hammah TAPE

UNKOWN LADY: On radio today, they called her (Rachel’s) Chief; the Chief of her place. Is it Daily Guide? So, they were discussing it on Okay FM. And they placed a call to one of their Chiefs. He said (inaudible voice) they won’t sit there. Their royal has come to tell them that she’s not happy and does not have an office.

UNKNOWN LADY: And I said; so, this girl is so foolish to this extent that she can go to the Chiefs and tell them what goes on in the Ministry. That they won’t sit down for Nana Oye Lithur to mistreat their royal.

UNKNOWN LADY: (Inaudible voice) then, she should resign. They won’t allow it. Oh! So, Kwame Nkrumah asked him that Nana, I plead with you, please have you also gone to ask Maame Oye Lithur regarding the seeming bad blood between her and your royal. And is it true that she has said that she will beat her? He said they have done [their] investigations to know that she’s not on good terms with her. ‘From day one, she doesn’t like her. So, they’ve told the President to reshuffle her or else, anything could happen to their royal in the morning’.

UNKNOWN LADY: And I said; this girl, you’ve gone to this extent. Every day, they discuss her issue on radio (inaudible voice). Leave her. Do your part, you’re doing your best to help her out but if she won’t give a care, stop it. Every day, your name is in the papers. Every day, they’re discussing your issue. It’s very bad. So, you cannot find any elderly person or party member to resolve the issue. Journalists have taken charge of it and now, you’ve also sent it to your hometown for your Chiefs to keep up with the issue (inaudible voice). She doesn’t understand politics. She thinks maybe because she’s a Minister, they cannot fire her.

VIC: She said she is unperturbed even if she sacked from office. And I said (inaudible voice), you’ll lose your prestige. Rachel is dull but I am very intelligent.

UNKNOWN LADY: (Inaudible voice), she was not articulate during her vetting. It was in the papers that she wasn’t expressive. When she was vetted, she couldn’t talk. Let her be in her corner and be her MP. (Inaudible voice), maybe she doesn’t know that when she is sacked, it won’t affect her prestige.

VIC: She said they should re-assign her. The President should reshuffle her and send her where? So, when she is dismissed, she will rest in the house.

UNKNOWN LADY: As you said, Nana Oye was her Nana Oye before she got a Ministerial appointment. Who doesn’t know Nana Oye? Both international and local, we know her. (Indistinct voice)

VIC: And her husband is no mean person than Tony Lithur; President’s lawyer (laughs amidst indistinct voice).

UNKNOWN LADY: It appears she did not think about it well. There are some people you don’t court trouble for yourself with. Ladies are like that. Anywhere three ladies meet, there is trouble. You were very lucky to have been sent to a place where a male is the head. If it were to be a lady or an office for two ladies (incomplete voice)

VIC: (Inaudible voice). Me, Multi TV; what didn’t I see at Multi TV?

UNKNOWN LADY: Ladies lack character. Rachel, as you said, she is arrogant. Because no matter what, Nana Oye Lithur is older than you and is also your boss. So, in any case, you have to know how to (inaudible voice), just do what you’re told to do. Yes boss, yes boss; (inaudible voice), will she also control you in your house too? (Inaudible voice), every day, then they are discussing you on radio. Every day, then the papers will take it on. She should be careful. Her household should advise her. Then they also held a press conference. They should have talked to her a lot. She went to tell them a different thing.

UNKNOWN LADY: They asked him that Nana (chief of Gomoa), are you not sure that your royal (Rachel) has massaged her side of the story? But have you gone to the mother she’s working with to ask her about the issue? They said, no. (Inaudible voice) One person has told her part of the story to you and you won’t go and ask the other party about what really transpired. Because she is your royal, she has said this nicely. But maybe, she is the one to be blamed and doesn’t want to accept it. And maybe because she wants to denigrate the woman, that’s why it is out.

VIC: Rachel; Anita Owusu told me that Rachel is very ambitious (inaudible voice). You can’t fight your Minister and you want to be friends with me. Does Tony Lithur not have clout for Oye to be my enemy?

UNKNOWN LADY: She will be your enemy forever. Just stay away from her. Let her go.

VIC: Oh, I have stayed away forever.

UNKNOWN LADY: When she calls to find out how you’re faring; oh, you’re busy. So, you’ll call her back. That’s all.

VIC: This Rachel who was even stuttering during vetting. (Inaudible voice)

UNKNOWN LADY: She should humble herself. She said she will disgrace Nana Oye Lithur. And I said, what can you do to disgrace her?

VIC: Who?


VIC: Where did she say it?

UNKNOWN LADY: They said it in the papers; that she will disgrace her. And I said, you’ll disgrace her but what do you know about her? For how long have you worked with her? And what has she done that you want to discredit her. If you dare scandalize her, then, you’ve also brought shame on yourself. This Rachel is very bold.

VIC: You, Rachel, have become ‘born one’. Oye Lithur is (inaudible expression) married.

UNKNOWN LADY: So, why do you want to disgrace her?

VIC: She said it’s affecting her relationship. And I said; it’s your fault. Even the fiancé she wants to marry will jilt her. As soon as she loses her ministerial appointment, her boyfriend will ditch her. Is that how you do things? Oye Lithur didn’t go public, you did.

UNKNOWN LADY: Yes, she will let it out. Yet, you’re her subordinate. She should be careful. If her family won’t tell her, just leave her life for her. In politics, each one for himself…(Inaudible voice)

VIC: Everybody has their way of doing things. You, Sena, have your own way. I say she will be alone. The President won’t speak on this matter (inaudible voice). Now, you can’t go to Oye Lithur’s place. You will still be a deputy in that office but Oye won’t delegate any responsibility to you.

UNKNOWN LADY: Then, you’ll just stay there.

VIC: You’re just there.

UNKNOWN LADY: When you close, you pick your bag and go. Your boss, how can you be at loggerheads with her?

VIC: Why can’t you Rachel just humble yourself at all in this world you’re in?

UNKNOWN LADY: Or she is from an affluent family, right?

VIC: What money? (Inaudible voice) So, you were not there at first. Her father is very wretched.

UNKNOWN LADY: She won’t think about him. Nana Oye Lithur’s educational background; you’ve not even attained a quarter.

VIC: When she calls me, I don’t pick up again. (Inaudible voice), I cannot walk with you.

UNKNOWN LADY: Yes, it will affect you.

VIC: It will affect me.

UNKNOWN LADY: As for that, just think about yourself. If everybody in their Ministry were to bring their boss’ issue out, will it be proper?

VIC: Recently, what Omane (Boamah, Minister of Communications) did to me? And I said you think nobody (inaudible voice).

UNKNOWN LADY: You think nobody has a problem. Everybody has a problem but everybody has decided to be quiet.

VIC: What Omane (Boamah) did to me; I went to him for money but as for me, I can live with it. He is a Minister, so, it’s his time.

UNKNOWN LADY: You shut up.

VIC: That’s his time.

UNKNOWN LADY: You too, your time will come.

VIC: Your time will come.

UNKNOWN LADY: So, just submit to him.

VIC: (Inaudible voice). Nana (inaudible name) has grown wings. I was shocked when she said that.

UNKNOWN LADY: You say your boss has grown wings. In any case, were you the one who watched her grow wings?

VIC: When she said that, I was shocked. (Inaudible voice), “Nana Oye has grown wings”.

UNKNOWN LADY: But how well does she know her for her to say she (Oye Lithur) has grown wings? If it’s somebody you cater for then you can say she’s grown wings.

VIC: When God takes away wisdom from you? The spirit of humility! (Inaudible name), tells me that I should always be humble. Be humble every day. If you humble yourself, the person gives you everything. Omane (Boamah), for instance, gives me everything. He gives me everything.

UNKNOWN LADY: When you work wholeheartedly, he will give you the work. If he has money, he will give you.

VIC: I mean sometimes you go wrong. I told Rachel that sometimes if I err, I write a note (email) apologizing to Omane Boamah. You can’t do this to your boss.

UNKNOWN LADY: So, every time, he likes you. I think lack of humility is her problem.

VIC: Rachel’s problem is humility. It won’t take long, it will destroy her (inaudible voice).

UNKNOWN LADY: That too, if you don’t have, it will destroy your life.

VIC: I tell you Rachel is arrogant. We attended a funeral rite. Hon. Collins Dauda’s wife came but couldn’t find a place to sit down. So, I stood up and offered her my seat but Rachel told me to sit down. And I said Collins Dauda’s wife, even if I’m older than her, she’s my Minister wife because she’s equal to her husband. And I said, Rachel, you’re not humble at all.

UNKNOWN LADY: Just consider the fact that if it was an elderly woman, so, you wouldn’t give up your seat for her?

VIC: Oh, she’s a young girl. Not that she’s an elderly woman; your Minister’s wife? When we went to the funeral in Kumasi, as Omane’s wife was seated; I was standing beside her when Omane was not around till Omane came.

UNKNOWN LADY: So, that is how it should be. Thus, you are always in the person’s good books. Then, that Rachel has a problem.

VIC: You show submission and love to them.

UNKNOWN LADY: She has a problem.

VIC: Why, is Omane’s wife a kid? Will she lose her way? She won’t get lost but that’s your Minister’s wife. Rachel will never serve her Minister’s wife. Me, I can serve Omane’s wife. You won’t humble yourself at all in this world. I don’t want to see her face again in my life.

UNKNOWN LADY: But she’s not beautiful too.

VIC: Oh, where’s Rachel’s beauty? Paul (inaudible name) said oh, no, she’s beautiful. And I said; why, Paul, this is what you want?

UNKNOWN LADY: (Inaudible voice) you’re not pretty yet you won’t also humble yourself. And you’re so arrogant.

VIC: You do some makeup (inaudible voice). Rachel is not beautiful. Sena is rather beautiful.

UNKNOWN LADY: Sena is a beautiful girl.

VIC: Sena rather humbles herself. She talks with humility.

UNKNOWN LADY: Rachel really has a problem.

VIC: Rachel is exposing herself too much.

UNKNOWN LADY: (Inaudible voice) within this short time, you’ve started. Ministers, Deputy Ministers; when they fight; it doesn’t come out in the (news) papers for them to say like hers.

VIC: She sends it.

UNKNOWN LADY: But if she doesn’t send it, how will they get to know?.

VIC: Thinking you’ll destroy Oye Lithur. But she doesn’t know she’s destroying her own self but when we say it to a point, then it remains there. It ends.

UNKNOWN LADY: Oye Lithur, can something move her? Even when Ghanaians vilified her that the President should not give her a position, it didn’t even ruffle her.

VIC: As for me, I don’t want to get close to Rachel at all.

UNKNOWN LADY: Let her be. She’s averse to good counsel.

VIC: She doesn’t listen.

UNKNOWN LADY: So, leave her to live her life.

VIC: I will say that (inaudible voice) Rachel, the way you’re becoming unpopular with (inaudible voice); I want to stay away from you for a while. Because you’re my friend; Oye too is my friend. Oye was my friend before I got to know you. You must always join the bigger side. You’re throwing pebbles against a giant.

VIC: Do you know that some people of Akan descent rained insults on me because of Rachel? Afia Pokuaa. (Inaudible voice)

UNKNOWN LADY: I see; that Afia Pokuaa.

VIC: Afia Pokuaa can insult me? (Speaking inaudibly)

VIC: Do you recall when we were going for the vetting, Rachel called me and I gave her a few lessons?

VIC: And she was also saying, in the morning, you will also be vetted yet you have time for someone. I gave Rachel some guidelines. (Inaudible interaction) She said; she’s an MP. She said; she wants to link me up with a male partner. (Inaudible expression amidst car horns) Can you get me a boyfriend? You, with this ugly face?

UNKNOWN LADY: Does she know your taste in men?

VIC: Such ugly face.

UNKNOWN LADY: Why didn’t you tell her that if you were really in need of a male partner, you would have about 2000 men at your beck and call?

VIC: She doesn’t even know.

UNKNOWN LADY: You’re just not ready. If the two of you are to go soliciting for men, who would someone prefer first?

VIC: Don’t mind her.

UNKNOWN LADY: She has a huge problem. (Indistinct interaction)

VIC: So, Oye is bad (inaudible voice). But there are two of you at the ministry, why is that you think she hates you? If she’s such a bad person, Sena is the more beautiful one, has a great body and well-endowed at the hips; why does she not hate Sena? But you, with this ugly face; you think she detests you? It’s your character. Everybody knows if Oye will fight with someone, then, probably it should be with Sena not you.

VIC: “Why should she be at war with the Minister? What’s the point? People and ambition. People do not just buy their time.”

VIC: She thinks Oye Lithur is not giving her chance to shine. But take a look at the constitution okay? There’s no role for [Deputy]. Actually, Deputy position is not in the constitution. There’s no defined role. Everything about the Minister; the performance contract between the President is with the Minister.

VIC: That Rachel (inaudible voice). I told her. You say Oye, how can you fight OyeLithur? (Inaudible voice) If she just decide to lower her ego. I mean I told her that in the constitution, Oye can even decide (car noise). (Inaudible voice) so, the real appointment is the Minister appointment. Deputy is to support the Minister (inaudible voice) and she says that none of his people have become Minister before. I said, listen to me; the constitution also says that President may appoint Ministers. The only portfolio that’s defined by the constitution is the Attorney General.

VIC: So, the point is that a lot of us, young people, are ambitious and meanwhile they don’t read. And they are not politically astute. Before you fire any ammunition, you must see whether your opponent has more than what you have. You have no pedigree; no pedigree. [You don’t have a father] Your father is a Chairman in the NPP. One of the constituency Chairmen in NPP, then, you want to fight a woman that her appointment elicited attack from the church including Presby Church. But yet, the President went ahead to confirm her.

VIC: You must look at the way you are appointed first; the consideration of the appointment before. Rachel appears to be holier than thou but she’s deadly. Me, I know her. She appears to be decent in public. That’s the public perception about her. I cannot do half what she does. She has dated men in the party. I’ve not dated anybody in the party but people think I’m rather dating people in the party. So, that look helps her in the public, Oye has bad public image.

VIC: But here in Ghana, public propriety is not important. Anane; Kufour left Anane’s post for Anane to return and have it back. What did Ghanaians not say? You understand. So, the person is in office, the President is in office. Now, you can find a journalist saying that, well, the President has no discretion. The President can even decide not to have Ministers, you understand, but he cannot decide not to have an Attorney General. So, you must measure all these variables.”

VIC: Tony Lithur has been the friend of the Rawlingses, been a friend to the President John, now and his wife. I learnt even before even the verdict, Nana was with the Justices and all that. You don’t know the role she has played for us to win the court case. Then, you want to use your unintelligence to overthrow her. Yeah.

VIC: No, there were no two Deputy Ministers at the Gender before (inaudible voice). They’re institutional constraints. When you come to my office, my AC has broken down and then, my Secretaries have AC. You understand what I’m saying. Now, these are not issues that come to the public domain. The woman says that go to Social Welfare, write a memo to me; let them put that together for you. So, she has given you that role. She gave you Social Welfare. She gave Sena, Children and something something. You understand.

VIC: Now, Oye Lithur also is not the one to find an office for you. It’s the Chief Director. Now, you are using the structures there to go against Oye Lithur. Oye Lithur issued one statement which made you appear that you are unintelligent. I asked her: ‘Rachel, you and Oye Lithur; who does the Ghanaian public believe is unintelligent?’ She says her. I said yes. I said not just you. You, Sena and myself; Ghanaian public think we are unintelligent. So, you cannot fight your boss. She will use that cleverness against you.

VIC: The woman issued a statement. They said, oh law law. They’re using law. Things were not done appropriately and quoting some sections of the law. And then, almost stating her credentials that she has an LLM, LLB, LB, LM. She has that credibility. And Oye Lithur is an institution. Oye Lithur was Oye Lithur before she entered into politics. The three of us, i, you and Sena; it is politics that has given us a name. We still don’t even have root, proper roots yet. And I said: that Rachel, who are the strong alliances you have?

VIC: Tony Lithur and John Mahama, they’ve got an alliance. They are allies, you understand. They defend each other. Rachel, who do you have? And I heard that she may be actually sad (inaudible voice). I said why, people listen to people who did not influence their appointment. If anything at all, go to the first lady and say to the first lady.

VIC: She thinks she’s the only Minister from Gomoa. I said but the President can appoint another person from Gomoa and kick you out. You understand. With all that you have done, it’s like you’re throwing pebbles to a giant. Oye Lithur does not care.

VIC: And you have used your best ammunition. You used it publicly (vehicular noise). She can tell the President, remove this girl (Rachel), (things screeching). Don’t fight your boss, that’s it. And, well, you can fight your boss if your boss (inaudible voice). Once the person is a boss, it means that by that social power relations; the person is higher. Do you know what I told her? That instead of fighting with her, if you cannot work with her; what you should do is to lobby another Minister.

VIC: Use whatever means you can lobby so that when there is a reshuffle, you find a way to lobby to go to that Ministry. That’s what I would have done. That’s the solution.

UNKNOWN LADY:Oye Lithur may not be happy. Oye Lithur is my friend, you know, before I know Rachel (inaudible voice). I don’t want her to go and say to the President that dismiss Rachel (inaudible voice amidst cars screeching).

VIC: Rachel is too ambitious (inaudible voice). Do you know what she said? Oye has grown wings.

VIC: Rachel is very egoistic (inaudible voice). Then we went somewhere and the last time on radio, she said she (Oye Lithur) wants to arrest me. Is it possible to arrest an MP? And I said, Rachel, maybe you don’t understand politics too well. And I said, you cannot boast of GHC 100000 in your account or dollars. You’re there fighting. [Instead of] If you’re not making money for your Ministry, forget about your Ministry. Find ways, build alliances. Both national and international, get people to protect you.

VIC: Just some cash to better our lives (starts laughing); we’ve given birth to children (continues to laugh) and their teeth have even grown. It’s crazy. I wish her all the best but (inaudible expression).

VIC: She’s promising Sena that she should go and tell the Chief of Staff (inaudible voice). And I said, Rachel, initially you said you’ll do it yourself. Why do you now need somebody else to do it? Now, you realize that you need the assistance of other people. So, I called Sena and I said Sena; don’t be a fool.

VIC: You came to politics alone. Even me, I’m not a friend. Before you decide to do this stupid move, you must consult your husband because you’re married. Consult your family because your image and disgrace does not just come to you. Consult your Chiefs, your constituency. What do you mean?

VIC: You think that you’re gods in the party. There are so many other beautiful ladies in the party who have not gotten appointment. You, Sena, your appointment came last minute at Parliament. You were crying like a baby. And I said, you won an MP; didn’t you win? She said yes. Rachel, didn’t Rachel win? Me, did I win my seat? Did I win my seat?

VIC: My appointment was solid way back. So, what does it tell you? That even in terms of influence, I’ve more influence than you and Rachel. Even you who won your seats, they have crammed you, two, in the Gender. And you won’t seek wisdom. The moment you lose your Ministerial job, you lose your might and influence. Then you become unpopular in your constituency. When somebody contests you, you see that your place is in trouble. Then you’ll be done, you’re finished.

VIC: Oh yes. She said Vic, thank you; Rachel has been putting pressure on me. I said are you stupid. Are you stupid? Why should this small girl be controlling you? I was with the first lady (Lordina Mahama); ask Rachel. She dissed you in front of the first lady. That day, she dissed me in front of the first lady. (Inaudible voice), she was quiet. And I told (inaudible voice). Omane (Boamah) said was not this lady you were holding brief for?

VIC: I sat in front of Omane (Boamah, Minister of Communications) defending Rachel for one hour. She had a problem and then, everybody had [their] opinion about her. I made her look good in front of Omane and the other Ministers. Then, in front of the first lady (Lordina), you want to diss me. Let her sit there. She thinks politics is a joke.

VIC: You want to fight Oye Lithur. Tony Lithur controls three Ministries. That Rachel is not wise. When I told her, she said (inaudible voice). She didn’t even know Oye Lithur was Tony Lithur’s wife. She went somewhere and said, oh this lawyer (during the court case); that time they had not started their brawl. This lawyer looks handsome and people addressed her that that (Tony Lithur) is Oye’s husband.

VIC: You want the President to choose you, Rachel Appoh, [who couldn’t even express yourself well during your vetting] over his loyal friend’s wife who is always with them in the house. Oye has access to the house (inaudible voice).You were even stopped when going to the President’s house. Soldiers stopped you outside and called for Madam to decide whether they should let you in.

VIC: But it’s true. That is our level in the party. I went there with you (inaudible voice). I even have more access than she has. So, most often, she used me to get there. So, we stand outside. Then, the Soldiers, even though they know we’re Deputy Ministers; they refused you entry. You’ve stood there for 30 minutes, now, what does that tell you?

VIC: Maybe, she thinks she is, she is [I don’t know]. (Inaudible voice) She’s not taking it. She said Oye can be reshuffled because there’s been a precedent. Me, I told Rachel that it’s dangerous but as for me, I understand politics very well. When I make 1 million dollars (inaudible voice). If you have money, then you can control people. People can listen to you. It’s crazy.

VIC: (Seemingly, responding to a voice on the phone), it is her. Don’t you see her character? She’s loud-mouthed.

VIC: I am down on credit on this phone, (inaudible voice). Okay, alright; right. She is a fool.

Credit: Peacefmonline

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