VIDEO: Shatta Wale and Samini must stop the ‘needless’ fight – Afro Moses

Samini and Shatta Wale

Musician, Afro Moses has waded into the controversy between Dancehall acts, Shatta Wale and Samini by advising them to stop the ‘needless’ fight and to co-operate.

According to Multi TV;

Music guru Afro Moses also known as O’Jah is advising dancehall’s fiercest two, Samini – the veteran and Shatta Wale – the challenger to chill off.

In an exclusive interview with Multi TV, the legendary international based Ghanaian artiste did a freestyle, singing;
“I don’t think they should fight because we are all genius and we are all here to be creators. Everybody is good in his or her own ways, we are all kings and princess whatever”.

He confessed, he loves the two talents.

Samini has been around since his debut album, Dankwasere released in 2004. Shatta Wale shot to fame in 2013 after a series of public rants against organisers of the Ghana Music Awards and later latched on to Samini in a fierce attack against his status.

Shatta Wale “accepts that Samini is up there and he wants Samini’s place”, entertainer KKD has said.

Rallying on an aggressive group of young loyalists known as the Shatta Wale Movement, the challenger declared himself as the “dancehall king [over] the whole Ghana” setting up a concert of responses from Samini.

This has prompted other musicians and other entertainment gurus to publicly call on the two to seize their lyrical fires.
Wading into the controversy, Afro Moses believes music is about “cooperation” not “competitions”.

Watch video:

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