VIDEO: Selly says she only kissed Nando

Selly can’t seem to shake off the Nando rumours.

According to some of the Chasemates,Nando and Selly could have done more than just locked lips. This was revealed by Angelo who was curious about the state of affairs between the two.

Selly however, was quick to shut him down, brushing aside any talk of any hanky panky. “Nothing is going on between me and Nando. Yes, we kissed but that’s it. I liked Nando but it didn’t work out, so I have moved on. We did nothing more. I would be so mad if he’s telling people we did more. They love spreading rumours in that House”, she said, referring to some of the Housemates in the Diamond House.

Selly seems to have come out of her shell now that she is back in the Ruby House. The sexy Ghanaian had withdrawn into her shell after Nando started giving her the cold shoulder when she was still in the Diamond House with him.

This morning, Selly was laughing and joking like old times with her fellow Ruby Chasemates.

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