VIDEO: Selly dancing and winding her waist in Big Brother Africa house

It’s sassy Sulu and sexy Selly getting their groove on.

In the wee hours of the morning as the rest of the Housemates caught up on some much needed sleep the raunchy Ruby pair decided to have a little dance off – grinding and winding their hips like two clocks on steroids.

“With me you are not gonna sleep,” Sulu from Zambia enthused. “Yes I am not going to sleep,” the Ghanaian happily agreed. Unfortunately for the twosome all of that boogying got the better of them and soon enough lady sleep beckoned and they retired to the bedroom where they shared a bed together.

What do you think of Sulu and Selly spending all of this time together; could it be the start of something?

Watch the video below:


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