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VIDEO: M.anifest Releases Visuals for “Cupid’s Crooked Bow”‏

Visuals for M.anifest’s “Cupid’s Crooked Bow” featuring Nomisupasta is out. The single is on his new album “Nowhere Cool”.

The smoking hot video was produced by Muti Films, a Cape Town-based production house. Director Guto Bussab’s imprint is all over this video which was shot on location in Accra.

“Cupid’s bow was crooked and found the wrong lover. That’s how it’s felt in some of my prior relationships. The song was inspired by having been loved by a woman or two who always knew the difficulties of dating an artist, never wanted to make that choice, yet we found ourselves in a spin of intoxicating love that always threatened to end. Nomisupasta is easily one of my favourite contemporary voices in Africa, and she smashed it on this one.” M.anifest

“Cupid’s Crooked Bow is a #SUPA track and I loved making it for two reasons, first M.anifest has come to be one of my favourite African rappers and secondly as my favourite female vocalist would say, ‘love is a losing game’. My opening lines recognise that my lover is a liar, but still, we can never choose who we love, so I simply choose to live in the moment, in the beauty, in the light, I choose to live in love,”  Nomisupasta.M.anifest

Check the video out

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