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Video: JM causes fear and Panic with ‘Still In Love’

Joe Mensah

Joe Mensah

Currently in Abidjan, Ivory Coast playing shows, Joe Mensah also known as JM of AKC4 fame is causing fear and panic in the music industry with ‘Still In Love’, a track on his maiden album ‘Just Me’.

According to close sources, an award winning Highlife artiste who is well respected in Ghana has been making numerous calls to several industry players to find out the artiste behind the song. The source further said that, the artiste is worried and under intense pressure due to the singing prowess of JM.

But in an interview with JM de Voice, he called for calm and said he has no intentions of overtaking anybody. He stressed that everyone is unique and that no one can be like someone but himself. He said he composed that particular song to identify himself as a Ghanaian but the most of his songs are in English with his ultimate goal being the Grammy’s.

He said most of the artistes are his friends and they work together. He said good music is the only way Ghana can get on the map and that’s what he has decided to do. He has other tracks like ‘Blue Skies’, ‘Ooh Oh’, ‘Heart Of Fire’, ‘Engine’ etc.

JM is currently signed on Speech Production.

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