Video: How Betty was ‘bolted’ by Bolt in the BBA-The Chase

The Chase is really getting its full engagements with only few days out of the ninety-one days to be spent. Many love webs, triangles and emotions are gradually building in the Big Brother Africa house season 8.

Leading the pack for hook ups, one-one sessions under the blanket and many more uncut sections, is the Sierra Leone Bolt and Ethiopia Betty.

The video released below shows that the two had sex just three days in the house. What were they thinking knowing full well that Biggie’s cameras are everywhere? That’s a question for another day.

We have seen the full moves from the two who have been declaring an undying love for each other, thus, we decided to feed you with what we saw. But it is up to you the viewer/reader to tell whether or not the two had a fair share of themselves or it was just for the cameras.

One thing is certain that whatever happened under that blanket, it was nothing short of drama.

Watch how Bolt and Betty rock their boats in this uncut video…



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